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Will Americans let Trump trigger World War III for Saudi Arabia and Israel (...)

On Saturday, September 14, two oil refineries and other oil infrastructure in Saudi Arabia were hit and set ablaze by 18 drones and 7 cruise missiles, dramatically slashing Saudi (...)

‘Doomed to failure’ : Ex-Trump aide John Bolton is already dishing dirt on the White (...)

Newly ousted National Security Adviser John Bolton has already begun disparaging his former boss, President Donald Trump, according to a new report from Politico. The outlet revealed details of (...)

Group of 50 legal scholars call for 28th Amendment to overturn Citizens United : ‘A root cause (...)

When liberals and progressives cite former Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s best and worst rulings of the Barack Obama era, they typically praise his support for same-sex marriage in (...)

The White House is now ‘furiously backpedaling’ after promoting gun background check (...)

Will President Donald Trump support background checks on firearms sales? At this point, it’s not even clear if the White House has enough internal coherence to claim he even (...)

New documents reveal the military has paid Trump’s Scotland resort more than (...)

Under President Donald Trump, the U.S. military has spent more than $180,000 at the Trump Turnberry resort in Scotland while service members have been stopped at the Glasgow Prestwick (...)

Disputing Trump’s claims, Japan says no evidence Iran was behind Saudi attack

Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono told reporters Wednesday that he has not seen any intelligence indicating Iran was behind the attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities over the weekend, (...)

Leaks about Jerry Falwell Jr suggest Liberty University insiders want him out as president : (...)

Jerry Falwell Jr., took over the evangelical Liberty University when his father died in 2007. Today, his myriad controversies—from his embrace of Donald Trump to the bizarre tale involving (...)

Former federal prosecutor : Lewandowski ‘may have perjured himself’ during House Judiciary (...)

When President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, appeared before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, he was openly hostile to the Democrats who questioned him about (...)

The (burning) case for a Green New Deal

There’s no specific number to offer for a sustainable human population, but I’m confident in saying that it’s fewer than 8 billion and that finding a humane and democratic path to that lower number (...)

Trump boosts dangerous and false tweet claiming Democratic congresswoman ‘partied’ on 9/11 (...)

A dangerous and false tweet claiming Democratic U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar “partied on the anniversary of 9/11” has been deleted. President Donald Trump retweeted the lie, which includes a video (...)


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