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'White nationalism and white supremacy is now a key ideology of the Republican Party : (...)

  20/09 | MSNBC host Medhi Hasan cited Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), who once protested the Republican National Convention because of former (...)

Elon Musk whines Biden didn't congratulate him for all-civilian SpaceX (...)

  20/09 | President Joe Biden is dealing with a humanitarian crisis in Haiti, rescuing the final U.S. citizens in Afghanistan, an increasing (...)

Sanders, Top Dems Optimistic Party Will 'Come Together' for Reconciliation (...)

  20/09 | However, House leaders warn they may miss a September 27 deadline to consider Senate-approved infrastructure legislation that (...)

Report on Revolving Door and Tax Policy Sparks Calls for Federal Probe and (...)

  19/09 | "This is an example of terrible management in the Treasury Department across multiple administrations."

The Disastrous Final Drone Strike Says It All

  19/09 | As the US was making its exit from Afghanistan, on August 26th, thirteen US servicemen and -women were killed in a terrorist bomb at (...)

North Carolina Judges Block Voter ID Law From Taking Effect, Saying It Discriminates Against (...)

  19/09 | An attempt by Republican lawmakers in North Carolina to enact a statewide voter identification law was blocked by members of the (...)

'I had a duty of care' : Texas doctor praised for violating new abortion (...)

  19/09 | "I provided an abortion to a woman who, though still in her first trimester, was beyond the state's new limit. I acted because (...)

A bioethicist weighs in on the ethics of COVID-19 boosters — given half the world is waiting for (...)

  19/09 | Nancy S. Jecker, University of Washington Should countries that can afford COVID-19 booster vaccines offer them to residents if (...)

2 Officers Indicted by Grand Jury for Violent Beating of Black California Teen

  19/09 | Two former Stockton, Calif. police officers accused of violently beating a Black teen last December were indicted by a grand jury on (...)

Tesla and the Anthropocene

  19/09 | Photo credits: Sung Wang (via Unsplash) and Leijurv, CC by-sa 4.0 int’l. Tesla’s going to produce $25K cars. Welcome news for many (...)

The War on Terror, Twenty Years and Counting

  19/09 | Image by Jordy Meow. With the War on Terror in its twentieth year, thrust back into the public discourse with the recent withdrawal of (...)

SpaceX's Inspiration4 Returns After 3 Days in Orbit

  19/09 | The first all-civilian, all-private spaceflight splashed down off the coast of Florida.
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