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‘Unstable’ Trump will unleash ‘a racial grievance campaign unlike we have ever seen’ : veteran GOP (...)

  11/08 | In an interview with NPR this Tuesday, veteran GOP strategist Stuart Stevens talked about his party’s support for President Trump, (...)

A science reporter explains how Trump’s ‘devastatingly inept response’ to COVID-19 humiliated the (...)

  11/08 | As the world passes a grim milestone of 20 million coronavirus cases, we look at how the pandemic humbled and humiliated the world’s (...)

A new poll reinforces a potentially fatal flaw in Trump’s reelection strategy

  11/08 | His effort to turn people against Biden are not gaining much traction — and may not help him anyway.

Once called ‘delusional’ for running, women who have been there say a female VP is (...)

  11/08 | Ambitious women in politics have long battled gender bias and sexism.

Real People Are Paying the Ultimate Price for Trump's Monstrous Failures

  11/08 | Jesse JacksonCitizens wearing protective masks form lines to receive free food from a food pantry run by the Council of Peoples (...)

‘How many times did they unmask me ?’ Trump asks. That depends on how many times he spoke with (...)

  11/08 | President Donald Trump wants to know how many times he was “unmasked” while he was a candidate for the Oval Office. That would mean he (...)

Will Enough Americans Show Up to stop Trump From Using the Dictator's Playbook (...)

  11/08 | Thom HartmannHundreds of activists attend a rally in New York City on October 13, 2019 demanding that Congress fulfill its (...)

Iraq military says Turkish drone kills 2 senior commanders

  11/08 | Iraq’s military says a Turkish drone strike has killed two senior Iraqi security officials

A conservative group’s push to unseat incumbent GOP senators is infuriating Trump and his allies (...)

  11/08 | Although The Lincoln Project is a right-wing group, it is not only hoping for former Vice President Joe Biden to defeat President (...)

Severe flooding displaces scores of thousands in Somalia

  11/08 | Severe flooding continues to displace thousands of people in Somalia

Martin’s Boat – A Film By Pete McBride

  11/08 | The post Martin’s Boat – A Film By Pete McBride appeared first on

Russia Doesn’t Really Know Whether Its Covid Vaccine Works

  11/08 | That could undermine confidence in Putin’s government, and in vaccines generally.
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