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OpEdNews « OpEdNews is unique in providing new reporting, opinion, discussion, and community from an independent progressive perspective. The internet would be greatly impoverished without it. The (...)

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Canada’s Teck Resources withdraws application for controversial mine, days before government (...)

Move saved Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from having to make a no-win decision.

Some Democratic allies are weaponizing disinformation tactics favored by the right. That can (...)

Democrats are increasingly worried about losing the 2020 presidential election to Donald Trump. The party is in seeming disarray from the botched Iowa caucuses and the failure of an (...)

Sunday's Best Deals : A TaoTronics Humidifier, Urban Outfitters 20% Off Sale, RAVPower (...)

A TaoTronics humidifier, a Kindle books Gold Box, a RAVPower Charger, and an Urban Outfitter’s 20% off sale lead Sunday’s most amazing deals of the day. Read (...)

A Latina U.S. Senate candidate asks a question : As Texas Democrats rise, who gets to represent (...)

Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez’s candidacy is one of many that illustrate friction among Democrats between candidates who represent diverse communities and white candidates who may appeal more to (...)

I Respectfully (Fiercely) Dissent : Sotomayor Says the Quiet, Terrifying Parts Out (...)

Futher Column - By Abby Zimet, Staff Writer

Election Con 2020 : Exposing Trump’s Deception on the Opioid Epidemic

Trump’s claims of progress in fighting addiction ring hollow considering his efforts to strip tens of millions of Americans of their health insurance via the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (...)

‘Environmental DNA’ Lets Scientists Probe Underwater Life

With the help of a new kind of drone, marine biologists can sequence DNA found in the ocean to reveal what's living in an ecosystem—and what's (...)

Top NJ Officials Block Honoring of Martin Luther King’s Historic Camden Legacy

The Governor of New Jersey and that state’s two top black elected officials face criticism for their silence on a recent ruling by New Jersey state historic preservation authorities that devalues (...)

Beating Trump Is the Goal. What if Joe Rogan Fans Will Help ?

Edward Burmila Much of the criticism of Sanders for accepting the endorsement rewrites the past and present of Democratic Party electoral politics. The post Beating Trump Is the Goal. What if Joe (...)

Take Action Now : Say No to Endless War

NationAction Support Puerto Ricans and Australians confronting economic crisis, stand up for Temporary Protected Status, and oppose military escalation. The post Take Action Now: Say No to (...)

Here are 4 ways unrestrained crony capitalism is making Americans’ lives miserable

Although Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, both running for president in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, have similar economic views, they part company when it comes to the (...)

Power Up : Pence is in a tough position as Trump's shutdown messenger

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