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Biden brings no relief to tensions between US and China

  3/03 | President Joe Biden took office promising to move quickly to restore and repair America’s relations with the rest of the (...)

The ‘free world’ keeps shrinking

  3/03 | The latest annual report on “Freedom in the World” by a major Washington pro-democracy organization provides grim (...)

Psaki’s clean-up of her misfired claim about sanctioning a nation’s leader

  3/03 | The White Press Secretary originally said the United States "historically" does not sanction the leader of another country. (...)

How Scottish Infighting Threatens Independence Drive : QuickTake

  3/03 | Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s feud with her predecessor and former mentor, Alex Salmond is deepening, threatening to (...)

A Different Way to Vote Gets a New York City Audition

  3/03 | The vast majority of federal and state elections in the U.S. are guided by plurality rule: Each voter selects one candidate, and the (...)

Jimmy Kimmel offers Tucker Carlson his sperm after Fox News host freaks out over low count in (...)

  3/03 | Fox News host Tucker Carlson had a freakout over a recent report that American males have lower sperm counts than they once did. ABC (...)

What Do TV’s Race Fantasies Actually Want to Say ?

  3/03 | Shows like Bridgerton and Hollywood alter the past in the name of inclusion. It would benefit us more to write the world as it was, as (...)

Where the GOP lie that Antifa was responsible for the Capitol attack first came from : (...)

  3/03 | While Fox News spent the day blaming Democrats for canceling Dr. Seuss because his publisher will no longer continue to publish some of (...)

The coming crisis for QAnon : Can it survive another 'great disappointment' (...)

  3/03 | Richard Amesbury, Arizona State University Thursday could be a big day. On March 4, Donald Trump will be triumphantly returned to power (...)

It's 'getting more dangerous' : CNN reporter warns QAnon's March 4 delusion (...)

  3/03 | On Tuesday's edition of CNN's "OutFront," correspondent Donie O'Sullivan warned of the potential danger of the (...)

Tanden withdraws as budget nominee in Biden’s first Cabinet defeat

  3/03 | Neera Tanden, Biden’s pick to head his budget office, faced bipartisan opposition stemming from sharp tweets targeting senators. Tanden (...)

Despite Previously Acknowledging There Was No Evidence of Voter Fraud, Georgia House (...)

  3/03 | The wrong people voted. That seems to be the general consensus among Georgia Republicans, because despite repeatedly claiming that (...)
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