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The Police Can’t Be Reformed

  23/06 | “As a profession, we are demonized daily by many who have created a dangerous false narrative that is perpetuated by the media. Many (...)

Power, Wealth, and Justice in the Time of Covid-19

  23/06 | Fifteen months ago, the SARS-CoV-2 virus unleashed Covid-19. Since then, it’s killed more than 3.8 million people worldwide (and (...)

Crackdowns in Washington Square Park, Then and Now

  23/06 | Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village in New York City was one of the two epicenters of the youth movement of the middle to late (...)

Remember to Forget the Alamo

  23/06 | Mexico once had a problem with a local provincial government promoting illegal immigration from the United States into Mexico in order (...)

Job Growth and Temporary Layoffs

  23/06 | An obvious point on the pace of job growth, that I had not paid attention to in recent months, is that it is easier to recall someone (...)

Pull : a Tryptich

  23/06 | The post Pull: a Tryptich appeared first on CounterPunch.org.

The Missing and the Dead in El Salvador

  22/06 | In El Salvador, reports of dead bodies abandoned on side of the road or in poorly traveled areas are commonplace. The country remains (...)

The Republican Party has Turned Fascist and is Now the Most Dangerous Threat in the (...)

  22/06 | When Donald Trump was in the White House there was much debate about whether or not he could be called a fascist in the full sense of (...)

Time to Stop Modernizing America’s Nukes and to Start Negotiating Peace

  22/06 | The Biden administration, in its proposed military budget, is calling for a restart of something the US arms industry has not produced (...)

It’s the Iron Collar of the Corporate State Until the People Collar the Congress

  22/06 | Back in the mid-nineteen-fifties, the prolific, progressive political economist, Harvard’s John Kenneth Galbraith, developed his “theory (...)

The Real Danger of Israel’s New Government

  22/06 | The new Israeli government takes office already largely paralyzed. With eight diverse parties, they agree only on two things. One, they (...)

The Conviction and Sentencing of Witness K

  22/06 | After tormenting the man for years, it became clear that the Australian authorities were willing to, for want of a better word, (...)


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The maritime tussle between Kenya and Somalia — and what happens next

  23/06 | The country has argued that the International Court of Justice deprived the parties of the chance to resolve the issue (...)

How forest elephants move depends on water, humans, and also their personality

  23/06 | Studying how elephants move can give clues into how they can be better managed to conserve their populations.

Violence is endemic in north central Nigeria : what communities are doing to (...)

  23/06 | The absence of support from government leaves communities to determine independently how to move forward, what works, and what is (...)

Mzilikazi Khumalo : iconic composer who defied apartheid odds to leave a rich (...)

  23/06 | Mzilikazi Khumalo was a brilliant linguist with a stellar career in music. These achievements are extraordinary considering the (...)

Live updates : Biden to deliver remarks on gun crime prevention amid rise in (...)

  23/06 | Among other measures, the Biden administration intends to revoke the licenses of gun sellers who neglect to run required background (...)

‘We thought we would return’ : 10 years on, Syrian refugees dream of home – photo (...)

  23/06 | A decade after civil war broke out, women who fled to Lebanon are still struggling to build a life amid the country’s unfolding economic (...)
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