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Racial Literacy and the Potential for the Tech World

An interview with Dr. Howard Stevenson This is the first interview in a series on racial literacy and tech, curated by Data & (...)

Contradictory Taxes

A robot tax won’t solve job loss from automation Continue reading on Data & Society: Points »

When Humans Attack

Re-thinking safety, security, and AI By Data & Society Research Lead Madeleine Clare Elish and Research Analyst Elizabeth Anne (...)

Silicon Valley Nationalism

Technology is distorting reality and reshaping narratives. Data & Society Researcher Alex Rosenblat’s keynote speech at re:publica, (...)

Agnotology and Epistemological Fragmentation

On April 17, 2019, Data & Society Founder and President danah boyd gave a talk at the Digital Public Library of America conference (...)

The Fragmentation of Truth

Editor’s note: On February 23, 2019, Data & Society Founder and President danah boyd gave a talk at the Knight Media Forum. This (...)

Accountable Algorithmic Futures

Building empirical research into the future of the Algorithmic Accountability Act Continue reading on Data & Society: Points (...)

A Case for Critical Public Interest Technologists

By Data & Society Fellow Mutale Nkonde Public interest technologists help evaluate the impact technological systems will have on (...)

Body politics : The old and new public health risks of networked (...)

Body PoliticsThe old and new public health risks of networked health misinformationImage via Flickr user SniggitySnags At a castle in (...)

Monitoring and surveillance technologies shift power dynamics in (...)

In a work context, surveillance and data collection raise issues that go beyond privacy concerns based on individual rights Continue (...)