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[MotherBoard] 99.7 Percent of Unique FCC Comments Favored Net (...)

A new report from Stanford University shows that most commenters were knowledgeable about the issue and very much in favor of keeping (...)

[TheIndependent] Facial recognition to be deployed by police (...)

Millions of people face the prospect of being scanned by police facial recognition technology that has sparked human rights concerns. (...)

[NYTimes] What 7 Creepy Patents Reveal About Facebook

A review of hundreds of Facebook’s patent applications reveals that the company has considered tracking almost every aspect of its (...)

[TheIntercept_] Interpol Rolls Out International Voice (...)

Last week, Interpol held a final project review of its speaker identification system, a four-year, 10 million euro project that has (...)

[ThreatPost] Sneaky Web Tracking Technique Under Heavy Scrutiny (...)

What will new General Data Protection Regulation laws mean for websites that use sneaky web trackers such as browser fingerprinting to (...)

[TheRegister] Dob in naughty data slurps to top EU court, privacy (...)

More than 60 privacy groups and activists have demanded that member states still engaging in blanket data retention of communications (...)

[TechCrunch] European and Indian regulators team up to defend net (...)

Representatives of Europe’s BEREC (Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications) and India’s TRAI (Telecom Regulatory (...)

[Techdirt] EU Politicians Tell European Commission To Suspend (...)

A couple of months ago, we wrote about an important case at the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), the region's highest (...)

[Euractiv] Nine countries unite against EU export controls on (...)

An EU proposal to impose export controls on technology products that can be used as spyware is at risk of being delayed as a group of (...)

[TheNewYorkTimes] In Newark, Police Cameras, and the Internet, (...)

Surveillance cameras monitored by the police have become a ubiquitous presence in many cities. In Newark, anyone with internet access (...)