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Sherpa team to attempt to scale Everest in 5 days in winter

Four experienced Sherpa guides are attempting to climb to the top of Mount Everest in less than a week during the final days of winter to set a new climbing record on the world’s highest (...)

Togo’s president wins, keeping family’s long hold on power

Togo’s electoral commission says the country’s president has easily won a fourth term, extending the grip his family has had on power since 1967

New Army training team heads to Africa

The Army, for the first time, will send soldiers from one of its new training brigades to Africa in the coming weeks, expanding the use of the new specialized units as the Pentagon looks at (...)

Messi restores peace at Barca ; Madrid in slump before City

Lionel Messi had already demanded that Barcelona settle its inner turmoil and regain the focus needed for a successful title run

New Deal for Nature : Paying the Emperor to Fence the Wind

The latest idea to be heavily promoted by big conservation NGOs is doubling the world’s so-called “Protected Areas” (PAs) so that they cover thirty percent of the globe’s lands and oceans. This is (...)

How India’s Modi is Playing on Trump’s Ego to His Advantage

One thing about U.S. President Donald Trump is that he can be brutally frank. Trump recently picked up the phone and called British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to convey his displeasure over the (...)

Tycoon Battle-Bots Battle Bernie

We should welcome Bloomberg's candidacy. It's proof that the term plutocracy as it applies to the US isn't just hyperbole but now an uncontested fact. The DNC's willingness to (...)

There’s Little Chance for Change in Lebanon, Except for More Suffering

The freezing Mediterranean squalls that slash across downtown Beirut and the seafront to the west may give the impression this week that Lebanon is lapsing back into its favourite pastime: (...)

Connecting the Coronavirus to Agriculture

A new deadly coronavirus 2019-nCoV, related to SARS and MERS and apparently originating in live animal markets in Wuhan, China, is starting to spread worldwide. Chinese authorities have reported (...)

Burning the Future : the Growing Anger of Young Australians

Growing up in a small town in Tasmania, Australia, not far from the coast, every summer we would spend seemingly endless carefree days at the beach – swimming, sunbathing and eating freshly-caught (...)

As the Primary Race Heats Up, Candidates Forget Principled Campaign Finance (...)

At this time last year, newly declared Democratic primary candidates were racing to outdo each other with escalating promises to shun big money support. Contenders vowed not to take corporate PAC (...)

The Priorities of General Motors : Ditching Holden

It seemed to be a case of grand misrepresentation. Holden cars, those great Australian acquisitions, along with home, lawnmower and nuclear family, gave the impression of indigenous pride, the (...)

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