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Trump openly wished for John Bolton to die from COVID-19 : New book

  23/06 | Donald Trump openly fantasized about his former national security adviser John Bolton catching and dying from the coronavirus, (...)

Republicans' latest power grab : Stripping authority from Democratic mayors

  23/06 | Republican state legislatures have found a new way to grab power by limiting the authorities of Democrats who are elected as mayors in (...)

MSNBC's Morning Joe busts Ron DeSantis for pushing Trump's election lies : 'There (...)

  23/06 | MSNBC's Joe Scarborough blasted Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and other Republicans for pushing Donald Trump's election lies to (...)

Black campus police officers detail 'unbearable' racism from superiors in shocking (...)

  23/06 | A new lawsuit filed by Black security officers who work at the University of Washington in Seattle details multiple incidents of racism (...)

Rupert Murdoch is losing his tabloid empire — which makes Fox News more dangerous than (...)

  23/06 | A decades-old hacking scandal and the overall decline in the tabloid industry has dealt body blows to Rupert Murdoch's media (...)

Hunger, drought, disease : UN climate report reveals dire health threats

  23/06 | Hunger, drought and disease will afflict tens of millions more people within decades, according to a draft UN assessment that lays bare (...)

More than 150 Texas hospital staff fired or quit over vaccine ruling

  23/06 | More than 150 employees at the Houston Methodist hospital in Texas were fired or resigned after failing to comply with orders to get a (...)

Britney Spears to address court in guardianship battle with father

  23/06 | Under a controversial legal guardianship since 2008, US pop singer Britney Spears is scheduled to address a Los Angeles court on (...)

US experts to review heart problems among teens after COVID shots

  23/06 | A panel of experts convened by the top US health agency will hold a meeting Wednesday to review data surrounding more than 300 (...)

US seizes Iranian state news websites

  23/06 | US law enforcement seized the websites of two Iranian state-controlled news groups, Press TV and Al-Alam, and of the Al-Masirah TV (...)

Hong Kong pro-democracy paper Apple Daily confirms closure

  23/06 | Hong Kong pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily announced Wednesday it was printing its final edition after authorities froze its assets (...)

Strong earthquake shakes Peru's capital Lima

  23/06 | A strong earthquake shook Lima and regions of central coastal Peru late Tuesday, causing fear among the population and some damage, but (...)


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Covid-19 live updates : Jill Biden tours Southern states to encourage vaccination as cases (...)

  23/06 | Biden’s visits to Mississippi and Tennessee come as health experts warn that young people in the South are increasingly being (...)

Man sentenced for rape — two years, two continents and a faked death later

  23/06 | Kim Avis began a 15-year sentence for rape and other crimes in Scotland last week — after an investigation in the American West that (...)

Colombia reaches 100,000 deaths from COVID-19 as cases surge

  23/06 | Colombia has reached 100,000 confirmed deaths from COVID-19 this week, becoming just the tenth country in the world to hit the grim (...)

5.8-magnitude quake shakes Peru coast ; no reports of damage

  23/06 | A 5.8-magnitude earthquake has hit Peru’s central coast, causing some residents of the capital to run out of shaking homes or (...)

Other countries use ranked-choice voting. Has its moment in the U.S. arrived (...)

  23/06 | New Yorkers are voting in a system that finds parallels in other Western democracies. Its advocates believe the rest of the country (...)

Iran : 'Sabotage attack' on civilian nuclear center thwarted

  23/06 | Iranian state TV says that authorities have thwarted a “sabotage attack” on the country’s civilian nuclear program, without providing (...)
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