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South Sudan's chief justice is overstepping his bounds : why it matters for the rule of (...)

  10/05 | The actions of the chief justice undermine the independence, impartiality and competence of the judiciary, which erodes public (...)

Moving US Africa Command to Africa will not solve the continent's security (...)

  10/05 | Reforms that will entrench constitutionalism, the rule of law, and political inclusion will solve Africa's security problems, not (...)

Nigerian hip hop lyrics put cybercrime in a good light

  10/05 | Poverty aside, cultural factors like the influence of hip hop songs may also play a role in making a life of cybercrime attractive to (...)

Our research shows gaps in South Africa's diabetes management programme

  10/05 | In 2019, 89,834 people died of diabetes. This number exceeds the capacity of Soccer City, the biggest football stadium in South (...)

African countries must embrace the concept of good food as good medicine

  10/05 | What's needed is a prioritisation of the health and medicinal values of the food that's consumed in African (...)

Nigeria's electoral system is still broken. Here's a list of what's (...)

9/05 | Nigeria must fix its electoral system before the next general elections in 2023

The fascinating history of how residents named their informal settlements in (...)

9/05 | Residents of Nairobi's informal settlements use names as a way of voicing the issues that they struggle with every (...)

Choosing Lesotho's judges on merit should be only the start of judicial (...)

9/05 | The appointment of judges has hitherto been an obscure and oftentimes clandestine affair. This has produced incompetent judges and led (...)

Why Kenya's judge recruiters are sceptical about activism on the bench

9/05 | The issue of whether judges should exercise judicial activism or judicial restraint revolves around the doctrine of separation of (...)

Remembering Zim Ngqawana 10 years on, a singular force in South African music

8/05 | Despite devastating setbacks like his studio being vandalised, the saxophonist and teacher believed that music can heal - part of a (...)

Hearing loss is a neglected hazard for miners in South Africa

6/05 | Noise-induced hearing loss is an occupational health hazard. It remains a prevalent condition in the South African mining (...)

Making space for Buddha in the boardroom

6/05 | The founding principles of the Buddhist meditation technique known as mindfulness can help business leaders build stronger (...)


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