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Pasha 20 : In South Africa, unhealthy food choices are (...)

It's much easier for people to access fatty, salty food than it is to find healthier options.

How combining and fermenting grains can help nutrition in (...)

Combining and fermenting readily available indigenous African crops can help counter malnutrition on the (...)

The close relationship between police and private security (...)

There's been a rise in partnerships, over the past 20 years, between private security companies and police units in (...)

Data fails to capture complexity of South Africa's (...)

South Africa’s embrace of international conventions has buttressed the country’s reputation in statistical circles. But these global (...)

Radical ideas are needed to break the DRC's Ebola outbreak. (...)

The grim facts are undisputed: the current Ebola outbreak is expanding, largely unabated.

Africa has lost Binyavanga Wainaina. But his spirit will continue (...)

Binyavanga Wainana was a brilliant writer and sharp thinker, creative and unruly.

Agroforestry at 40 : how tree-farm science has changed the (...)

Because the interactions between trees, soils, crops and livestock can be positive or negative, their relationship must be balanced and (...)

Ramaphosa's cabinet : who and what's needed to end South (...)

President Cyril Ramaphosa has to ensure that reform of critical institutions is placed first. Everything else will be compromised if (...)

How Cape Town's "Gayle" has endured — and been (...)

Gayle remains as popular as ever -- but it has evolved, shifted and become a language spoken by more than just gay (...)

Kipchoge's marathon success remains a mystery : some clues (...)

Many factors have been suggested to explain the dominance of Kenyan middle and long distance runners, and many have been (...)

A global survey sheds new light on how bad events affect young (...)

The data suggest that boys experience as much disadvantage as girls.

How Ghana is using graphic pictures to cut tobacco use

Ghana is the latest country in Africa to mandate the use of pictures on cigarette packages to convey health (...)