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We believe a well functioning democracy requires an equally well informed citizenry. So our mission is simple : to provide you with a reliable source of high quality, evidence-based information.

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Discrediting elections : why the opposition playbook carries risks

By pushing their usually valid complaints onto the streets and the courts, opposition leaders deny governments the popular goodwill and international credibility they need to govern (...)

African countries aren't getting as much as they should from foreign direct (...)

African governments need to spend more effort on maximising the impact of foreign direct investment on economic growth

What gives Nigerian students the confidence to use condoms

Sexually inexperienced Nigerian students are less confident in their ability to use condoms, increasing their susceptibility to infections and unplanned pregnancies at first sexual (...)

Rwanda is training health workers for an interconnected world

The interdependency between humans, animals and the environment is becoming more pronounced. This calls for an interdisciplinary approach to health problems.

How to turn the tide against South Africa's crime wave

President Ramaphosa's emphasis on fighting crime is well placed. Most categories of violent crimes have risen dramatically over the past eight years.

Why South Africa's white leaders shouldn't get into comparative politics of (...)

It seems that former president FW De Klerk continues to find it hard to accept that apartheid was a crime against humanity.

Kenya : why elite cohesion is more important than ethnicity to political stability

Even in the most tense and dangerous of moments, the elite has found a way to come back together.

New analysis sheds important light on an ancient mass extinction event

The analysis suggests that there was a mass extinction event at the time of the end-Permian, on land - and that it happened at the same time as the marine end-Permian (...)

Should Nigeria have released Boko Haram suspects ?

The re-integration of defectors from terror groups into society is a conundrum governments in conflict situations have to deal with across the world.

Pasha 54 : An African perspective on the coronavirus

Increases in human density and mobility make the latest coronavirus a serious threat to human health.

Anniversaries spark renewed readings of South Africa's celebrated Sol Plaatje

The life and work of seminal South African writer, intellectual and politician Sol Plaatje seems more relevant than ever. We look into some of the latest scholarly (...)

African countries aren't borrowing too much : they're paying too much for (...)

The alarm being raised by multilateral financial institutions about rising government debt across Africa is exaggerated. The real problem is that African governments pay way over the odds for (...)


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