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What drives abuse of women in childbirth ? We asked those providing the care

Verbal and physical abuse appeared to be an expression of both helplessness and an exercise of power.

More than a million babies are born to young Nigerians every year : we explored (...)

Understanding the drivers of early childbearing in specific contexts is important for effective policy making.

How youth skills training in Kenya can reduce inequality

The system is well-resourced for urban and well-off families, but leaves the poor and mostly rural youth inadequately prepared.

International study shows where South Africa’s education system needs more help

Interventions aimed at improving literacy scores must be targeted at the parts of the system that need it the most.

Few clinical trials are done in Africa : COVID-19 shows why this urgently needs to (...)

More countries on the African continent must urgently get involved in clinical trials so that the data collected will accurately represent the continent at a genetic (...)

Social protection responses to the COVID-19 lockdown in South Africa

Several groups of people are at high risk of hardship, especially those who have effectively become unemployed because of the lockdown.

Book review : lessons from a township that resisted apartheid

A readable and important new book on the struggle for justice in South Africa's Oukasie township does not go far enough to question the feasibility of grassroots (...)

A theatre project explores collective solutions to saving the ocean

Empatheatre's latest production is more than a play about three characters who live near the sea. It's a model for collective consultation on how to save the (...)

How Mandela stayed fit : from his 'matchbox' Soweto home to a prison (...)

Prison life is about routine: each day like the one before; each week like the one before it, so that the months and years blend into each other.

Kenya's slums are a haven for viruses : here's what we know

Because low-income settlements are unplanned, crowded and without sanitation, there are many viral infections that cause health problems.

Lockdown will hit Nigeria's smallscale entrepreneurs hard. What can be (...)

As part of response to COVID-19 pandemic, Nigeria has announced a lock down in three strategic states but this is going to be tough on the self employed and small scale (...)

South Africa needs to mitigate the worst of its inequalities in tackling coronavirus

South Africa won't flatten the COVID-19 pandemic curve unless all citizens have the means to stay at home. But for many, it's either they stay at home and starving, or go out to make a (...)


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