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Guinea Bissau election inspires optimism — but there are still big risks

Coup risk in Guinea-Bissau is likely to decline, but changing leadership presents its own risks.

Giving back to English : how Nigerian words made it into the Oxford English (...)

Nigerians can take pride in the recent addition of 29 words of Nigerian origin to the Oxford English Dictionary.

Al-Bashir and the ICC : there are better ways to achieve justice

The ICC must not further destroy its credibility by cooperating with the sorts of bad actors who should be before a court themselves.

Ramaphosa dodges critical decisions, raising the question : is he a lame duck (...)

President Ramaphosa's state of the nation speech showed his preference for less contentious matters that attract praise, rather than catalytic decisions.

Of strong winds, heavy hearts and Joseph Shabalala telling the South African (...)

The passing of music giant Joseph Shabalala rests heavy on South African hearts - he told the story of black migrants within the apartheid system in a way no-one else did - and achieved global (...)

Kenya is experiencing strange weather. What's behind it

The unusual weather can be attributed to the Indian Ocean Dipole. This is the difference in sea surface temperatures between the eastern and western tropical Indian (...)

Radio in Ghana : from mouthpiece of coup plotters to giving voice to the people

The most popular broadcast medium in Ghana has gone through a politically fuelled evolution that has strengthened it.

South Africans describe the pain of unemployment

Unemployed people in South Africa suffer acute distress and more needs to be done to give them social support.

The search for an effective HIV vaccine continues

The key to ending the HIV epidemic is a vaccine that will provide long-lasting protection and alleviate the need for prevention methods.

Lassa fever : why there's a call to declare a health emergency in Nigeria

Concerned about rising cases and spread of Lassa fever, the Nigerian Academy of Science has called on government to declare it a national health emergency.

Why Kenya's Mau Mau gave up their fight

The resilient Mau Mau freedom fighters failed to maintain revolutionary action after independence.

Countering climate denialism requires taking on right-wing populism. Here's (...)

Global cooperation is essential if climate action is to be effective, amid the right-wing onslaught against multilateralism.


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