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Pasha 60 : The challenges facing African countries testing for COVID-19

How are tests developed for a specific virus and how does a country get the test kits it needs?

Measuring UN peacekeeping : time to replace auditing with proper evaluation

The UN missions deployed around the world to manage conflict and protect civilians need to be assessed in a manner that accurately reflects their successes and (...)

Appointment breaks proverbial glass ceiling in science in Nigeria

Nigerian society has drilled into everyone that certain top roles are reserved for men.

South Africa's response to COVID-19 worsens the plight of waste reclaimers

The clock is ticking: in the absence of government support, not being able to work means waste reclaimers don't have money to buy food.

Obituary : South Africa's towering healer, prophet and artist Credo Mutwa

His life's work was asserting the humanity and history of the Bantu people, while proposing that the soul was able to bring knowledge of the past and of the future into the (...)

Europe and African relations post COVID-19 : time to add size, scale and speed

As Africa prepares to face a perfect storm, it's time for Europe's approach towards Africa to show its teeth.

Nigeria relies heavily on drug imports. Why this is worrying in the time of (...)

Nigeria's reliance on drug importation is worrisome as COVID-19 pandemic rages.

Architecture : four ideas from history that offer healthier design

In reacting to the pandemic, architecture can reclaim its impact by conceding its loss of connection with public health, looking beyond Western thinking for its (...)

A tribute to poet and professor Harry Garuba : we continue to learn with you

With humility that belied his global stature, his laugh came easily, and his generous storytelling taught lessons that his students grew into for many years after he shared (...)

Fossil track sites tell the story of ancient crocodiles in southern Africa

While crocodylian fossil swim traces have been described from other continents, to the best of our knowledge the examples we describe are the first such reptilian swim traces from (...)

New discovery : penguins vocalise under water when they hunt

This study provides the first evidence that penguins emit sounds underwater when they hunt.

South Africa can – and should – top up child support grants to avoid a humanitarian (...)

To support precarious households that can't access existing relief during lockdown and its aftermath, the government should implement a temporary increase in the value of the child support (...)


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