The Cyber Cold War Is Here

 John Feffer The US government has refused to engage the rest of the world in regulating hostile cyber activities as it continues to launch offensive cyber operations abroad. The post The Cyber (...)

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The Cyber Cold War Is Here

 John Feffer The US government has refused to engage the rest of the world in regulating hostile cyber activities as it continues to launch offensive cyber operations abroad. The post The Cyber (...)

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Biden’s New Normal Seems Ominously Heading Toward a Revival of Cold War Politics

  22/06 | Katrina vanden Heuvel We need a far more serious discussion about the real security priorities of the American people—and the real (...)

Our Family Members Died on 9/11. We Want to See Guantánamo Bay Closed.

21/06 | Valerie Lucznikowska Republican senators say keeping Guantánamo open is the only way to get justice. We know otherwise. The post Our (...)

American Wars Mean American Lies

18/06 | William Astore We need a truth commission to hold leaders—military and civilian—accountable for America’s failed wars. The post American (...)

The Real Welfare Cheats Are War Profiteers

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Biden Has an Opportunity to Begin Rebuilding the US’s Fractured Relationship With (...)

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We Don’t Have Time to Waste on Cold Wars

8/06 | Tom Engelhardt The US and China are the world’s two greatest carbon emitters—if they can’t figure out how to cooperate, the future of (...)

America Pursues Vaccine Internationalism—but What Kind ?

7/06 | Stephen Wertheim A foreign policy of global division makes Americans less safe. The post America Pursues Vaccine Internationalism—but (...)

My Bill Would Stop US Aid From Funding Palestinian Suffering

4/06 | Betty McCollum HR 2590 would restrict US military aid to Israel from being used to demolish homes, annex Palestinian land, or imprison (...)

Hearts for Palestine

27/05 | Andrea Arroyo, Mohammad Sabaaneh The Palestinian people's struggling for survival. The post Hearts for Palestine appeared first on (...)

Biden’s Pledge to Rein In Arms Deals Is Already Eroding

27/05 | William D. Hartung Backed by the weapons industry, Trump secured massive arms sales with Israel and elsewhere in the Middle East. Will (...)

More Than 500 of the Staffers Who Got Biden Elected Demand That He Defend Palestinian (...)

25/05 | John Nichols Former Biden campaign and DNC workers demand “concrete steps to end the occupation in pursuit of justice, peace, and (...)

Decrying Netanyahu’s ‘Racist Nationalism,’ Bernie Tells the Senate, ‘Palestinian Lives (...)

20/05 | John Nichols As the UN describes Gaza as “hell on Earth,” Sanders seeks to prohibit the transfer of $735 million in new US bombs and (...)


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