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Income Tax department cracks down on Chinese entities suspected of money laundering, bogus (...)

  11/08 | The searches also found that a subsidiary of a Chinese company and its related concerns have taken over Rs 100 crores bogus advances (...)

Not made any demands, will do whatever party asks me : Sachin Pilot

  11/08 | Pilot, whose differences with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot led to a political crisis in Rajasthan, said he was an MLA and a Congress (...)

US tech firms support lawsuit challenging H-1B visa suspension ; fear jobs will move (...)

  11/08 | ​​The lawsuit was filed in July by the National Association of Manufacturers that represents 14,000 firms, US Chamber of Commerce and the (...)

Pranab Mukherjee remains critical : Hospital

  11/08 | Pranab Mukherjee remains critical: HospitalIn an earlier bulletin today, the hospital said the President "remains (...)

Central government releases grants worth Rs 6,195 crore to 14 states

  11/08 | The grant was recommended by the 15th Finance Commission, and the Centre has issued equal instalments of the grant to states since (...)

Is the dollar on decline ? This indicator suggests otherwise

  11/08 | Investors should adjust for price levels, use a wider basket of trading peers than the closely-followed US Dollar Index and remember (...)

India among 20 countries interested in obtaining Covid-19 vaccine from Russia

  11/08 | RDIF has seen strong global interest in the vaccine and plans to conduct Phase 3 clinical trials in different countries, including (...)

Renowned Urdu poet Rahat Indori dies in Indore hospital after testing Covid-19 (...)

  11/08 | In the morning, the lyricist-poet tweeted about his confirmed COVID-19 report and said he will keep everyone updated through social (...)

We are Atmanirbhar, don’t see challenges : MSSL

  11/08 | We are Atmanirbhar, don’t see challenges: MSSLThe whole idea was we buy it outside cheaper. Now the challenge will be to make it in (...)

UK retailer Debenhams confirms 2,500 jobs to be cut due to coronavirus pandemic

  11/08 | “We have successfully reopened 124 stores, post-lockdown, and these are currently trading ahead of management expectations," it (...)

Heavy rains likely in parts of Mumbai, coastal areas : India Meteorological (...)

  11/08 | While Mumbai is expected to receive light to moderate showers, neighbouring districts of Thane, Palghar, Raigad and Ratnagiri may (...)

Factory output contraction slows further in June as curbs ease

  11/08 | The Index of Industrial Production contracted by 16.6 per cent in June compared to a 33.9 per cent contraction seen in the month of May (...)


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