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Bolivians Reclaim Their Democracy

  21/10 | Mark Weisbrot The overwhelming MAS election victory is a repudiaton of the racist coup regime as well as the Trump administration and (...)

Reimagining American Foreign Policy

  20/10 | Andrew J. Bacevich A new book examines the narrative framework around internationalism that foreign-policy elites coined in the 1940s, (...)

Trump Is Urging Republicans to Break the Law

16/10 | Sasha Abramsky He not only applauded the California GOP’s illegal use of mail-in ballot drop-boxes; he’s urging Republican officials (...)

The US Is Still the World’s Biggest Arms Dealer

14/10 | William D. Hartung Regardless of who is elected president this November, American arms businesses will continue to export arsenals to (...)

The Nuclearization of American Diplomacy

13/10 | Michael T. Klare We are finding ourselves in an ever more dangerous and insecure world, with the risk of Armageddon lurking just around (...)

An October Surprise of a Military Kind

12/10 | Michael T. Klare When all else fails, start a war. The post An October Surprise of a Military Kind appeared first on The (...)

31 Days Until the Election

10/10 | Bill Bramhall The death toll rises while Trump blusters. The post 31 Days Until the Election appeared first on The (...)

Trump’s Taxing History

8/10 | J.T. Williamson A president in debt, and America pays. The post Trump’s Taxing History appeared first on The (...)

Will 2020 Be Trump’s Bay of Pigs ?

6/10 | Peter Kornbluh To advance his political fortunes in Florida, Trump assaults the right to travel to Cuba. The post Will 2020 Be Trump’s (...)

Burning Man 2020

6/10 | Steve Brodner Top of the world, ma. The post Burning Man 2020 appeared first on The Nation.

Nicholson Baker’s Maddening Search for the Truth

6/10 | Charlie Savage Denied access to files about the use of biological weapons during the Cold War, the novelist transformed his new book (...)

31 Days Until the Election

3/10 | Mark Bryan Vanity UnFair: Trump dismantles democracy. The post 31 Days Until the Election appeared first on The (...)


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GCHQ boss says spy agency is 'not diverse enough'

  21/10 | Jeremy Fleming’s remarks follow revelation that ethnic minorities were excluded until 1980s The head of GCHQ has conceded that the (...)

Why Senate Republicans would rather approve a Supreme Court nominee than coronavirus (...)

  21/10 | Polls show a coronavirus bill is more popular — but not necessarily with Republicans’ base.

In five states, more early votes have been cast than Trump received in 2016

  21/10 | In key places, the early vote is up two to four times where it was four years ago.

‘A relativist dressed in originalist drag’ : Catholic paper urges Senate to ‘reject’ Barrett in (...)

  21/10 | Republican supporters of Judge Amy Coney Barrett have been citing her Catholicism as one of the reasons why the U.S. Senate should (...)

Senate Democrats block slimmed-down relief bill as Capitol Hill rancor worsens


Trump officials weighing deep funding cuts to essential healthcare services in Dem-led cities : (...)

  21/10 | Documents obtained by Politico reveal that the Trump White House is weighing millions of dollars in federal funding cuts to Covid-19 (...)
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