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Tennessee Barbershop Partners With Vanderbilt to Provide Basic Healthcare Services

Black men, historically, are reluctant to go to the doctor. I mean just speaking for myself I’ve only recently been proactive about going to get checkups and all that good stuff. Instead of (...)

Federal Judge Rules Conditions in Migrant Holding Cells to be Unconstitutional

There is a certain subset of the population that believes a person’s humanity should be disregarded if they aren’t American or came here illegally. Those are people that are a part of a group I (...)

School District in New Jersey Pays $25K to Settle Racial Harassment Lawsuit

Okay y’all, I’m starting to think that schools might be some of the most racist places in America. We all know kids have zero chill, but the level of racist behavior coming from both students and (...)

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Lifehacker Why You Got a Weird '1' Notification on Your Samsung Android |Gizmodo The New Westworld Season 3 Trailer Sets Up an Epic Showdown |Kotaku Everything We Just Learned About (...)

The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Will Officially Become a Part of Oklahoma School Curriculum (...)

Growing up in Tulsa, Okla., I distinctly remember learning all about the Sooner State’s transition from a Native American territory to becoming the 46th state in 1907, Oklahoma City supplanting (...)

OK, So SZA May Not Love Her Rolling Stone Cover, but It Sparked a Necessary Word About Mental (...)

What’s wrong with this picture (above)? We see SZA, Megan Thee Stallion, and Normani, three brown-skinned, black leather-clad rising queens of the music industry in a photo evoking the height of (...)

My Daughter Came Down With The Flu and I Learned All About My Family Medical (...)

The Washington, D.C. area has been hit particularly hard with the flu this season. At my daughter’s school, for instance, as many as 41 kids were out at one time. My boys’ school also felt like a (...)

Trump’s Tweets Worked : Roger Stone Sentenced to 40 Months in Prison

Roger Stone, the longtime ally of President Trump who unironically dresses like a 1920 gangster and a traveling magician had a child, was sentenced to just 3 years and 4 months in prison (...)

USC Will Eliminate Tuition for Families Making $80,000 or Less

As the amount of student loan debt continues to rise right alongside the cost of education, one major university is taking a step toward ensuring education is a possibility regardless of a (...)

Racing Champion Willy T. Ribbs Reminds Us All of His Place in Black History With Brilliant (...)

Throughout the course of history, we’ve been taught that there is a clear hierarchy in regard to a black person’s place in society. As such, the term “uppity”—which first surfaced in the 1800s as the (...)

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Bigger Is Better With a Season 2 Pickup, and You Should Be Watching It On BET+

You know that moment when you walk out of an experience and realize you’re still smiling much, much later? That’s the effect Bigger had on me. Read more...


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