This can’t be hapenning !

This can’t be hapenning !
’…a major destabilizing influence’

« The only news organization in the US to be labeled a threat by the Department of Homeland Security »

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Author of New Book on US Quarantine History Tells What Biden Must Do

25/11 | As the US confronts both a political crisis of presidential succession and a worsening pandemic, it might be instructive, though (...)

Is Joe Biden Already Biting the Hand That Got Him Elected ?

23/11 | It gets deeper and deeper by the day, with less than 60 days to go. If, like me, you see the Trump Presidency as a live reality show — (...)

Trump and Giuliani Go Full IS in attack on Biden and Democrats

20/11 | It’s often been noted that countries that go to war tend to adopt the behaviors of their enemies in fighting them, and then bring that (...)

What Happens When Leaders Won’t Shut Disease-Spreading Businesses and Make Mask Shunning a (...)

17/11 | The above graph speaks for itself, but it certainly unarguably demonstrates how Darwin’s theory of natural selection works, with (...)

The little fool : a poem followed by a brief reflection

13/11 | I’m hunkered down under a metal garbage can lid Waiting for my arrow to return to the ground with a thunk The arrow I had just shot (...)

Buying Some Time for Nature and America

13/11 | Maple Glen, PA — This autumn has for me been a season of strange rescues. First it was finding a tiny baby snapping turtle with a shell (...)

Dave Lindorff and Gorilla Radio with Show Host Chris Cook

12/11 | CFUV in Victoria, BC — Dave Lindorff is interviewed on Nov. 5 about the US presidential election by Gorilla Radio’s host Chris Cook. To (...)

‘Free Press = Free Assange’ Webinar Event

10/11 | The Covid-19 Global Solidarity Coalition [i] condemns the on-going persecution and prosecution of Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, (...)

US ejects a hairball

8/11 | The post US ejects a hairball appeared first on This Can't Be Happening!.

Some Thoughts on the November 3 National Election

7/11 | First the good thing about the Nov. 3 Election outcome: Donald Trump, a wannabe tyrant who seemed to be consciously channeling Italian (...)


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Giuliani trolled by his daughter with advice to avoid hair dyes and lying about voter (...)

  29/11 | Rudy Giuliani is known for providing legal advice to his client, President Donald J. Trump, but now his Democrat daughter Caroline has (...)

Papa Bouba Diop : Former Senegal, Fulham & Portsmouth midfielder dies aged (...)

  29/11 | Former Senegal midfielder Papa Bouba Diop, who played for Fulham, Portsmouth, West Ham and Birmingham, dies aged (...)

Coronavirus mutates rapidly in mink and ferrets. Should we be afraid ?

  29/11 | 2020 has been an unpredictable year, but it’s safe to say that even the most cynical doomsday preppers didn’t anticipate checking off (...)

‘Pathetic’ Trump ridiculed by MSNBC guest for latest attention-grabbing stunts : ‘He’s the (...)

  29/11 | Appearing on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” with host Maria Teresa Kumar, conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin ridiculed Donald Trump (...)

Fox News host shreds Trump for denying loss in lie-filled interview : ‘He can’t wrap his brain (...)

  29/11 | Fox News host Eric Shawn on Sunday took on President Donald Trump’s false claim that Democrats “rigged” the 2020 election. During an (...)

Trump flopped at the polls in most of the counties where he held MAGA rallies : NBC (...)

  29/11 | New data has revealed that despite President Donald J. Trump’s large, mostly maskless rallies leading up to the Nov. 3 election, he (...)
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