This can’t be hapenning !

This can’t be hapenning !
’…a major destabilizing influence’

« The only news organization in the US to be labeled a threat by the Department of Homeland Security »

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You are always saying You can’t stand it any more People look askance There he goes again He always goes off on that When he misses his medication Peering down the hall Shhh they’re coming Others (...)

If Sanders Wins a Big Plurality of Delegates, He Must Be the Democratic Presidential (...)

At the end of the Nevada debate on Wednesday evening, each of the candidates on NBC stage was asked one last question: If nobody has a majority of delegates after the primaries, should there be a (...)

Sanders Ramps Up His Message, while the Media’s Message Wranglers Ride Herd

By Laurie Dobson In my travels through New Hampshire before the February 11th NH Primary, I witnessed no negative energy of any kind being displayed during 12 Sanders campaign event stops. This (...)

Top NJ Officials Block Honoring of Martin Luther King’s Historic Camden Legacy

The Governor of New Jersey and that state’s two top black elected officials face criticism for their silence on a recent ruling by New Jersey state historic preservation authorities that devalues (...)

Truly Remaking Social Security is the Key to Having a Livable Society in the (...)

Social Security is back in the news, as both Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg, two emblematic one-percenter oligarchs, raise the issue of its future as part of their campaign strategy. Trump (a (...)

Voices from Bernie Voters in New Hampshire’s Primary

In the wake of Bernie Sanders’ narrow win in a big field of candidates in New Hampshire’s Democratic Primary, blogger Laurie Dobson recalls some of the Sanders backers she met covering the campaign (...)

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Not Florida so much Not pure white birds that hunt like dinosaurs Not lizards crossing the sidewalk in colors that remind me of the psychedelic sixties Not palm trees sedately waiting for the (...)

The Red-Baiting of Bernie Sanders Has Begun and is Already Laughable

By Dave Lindorff With Bernie Sanders now having won New Hampshire (and probably Iowa, where he won the popular vote) and confirmed his position as the frontrunner for president in the Democratic (...)

Looking for Media Manipulation and Fraud in in the New Hampshire Democratic (...)

By Laurie Dobson Manchester, NH — I have been on the ground since yesterday (Sunday), two days prior to the NH Primary. This is my home state, so I know the territory. Today I went to Portsmouth, (...)

The Democratic Party Leadership Has Done the Impossible, Disgracing Itself (...)

Hooray for Bernie Sanders! He waited until he had the numbers and now he’s calling it. He won Iowa! Maybe the same corporate media that have been touting Pete Buttigieg as the “presumptive winner” (...)


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