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« This is Africa (TIA) is a forum for Africans, by Africans, to reclaim our identity, our heritage and our continent’s rightful political, economic and cultural position in the globalised world and in the global consciousness. »

To reclaim and define our identity, our heritage and our continent’s rightful political, economic and cultural position in the globalised world and in the global consciousness.

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Kenyan writer Troy Onyango launches Lolwe, a new literary magazine

A new literary magazine, Lolwe, founded by Kenyan writer Troy Onyango was launched on the 23rd of January 2020. Onyango has received support from writers on the continent including Nigerian (...)

South Sudanese teens develop ocean cleaning robot in STEM challenge

The 2019 FIRST Global Challenge brought attention to the troubling amount of pollutants that find their way into the world’s oceans. Participating teams learned about real-world challenges related (...)

What’s behind violence in South Africa : a sociologist’s perspective

Underlying direct or personal violence is structural violence that is entrenched in unequal power relations in society. The post What’s behind violence in South Africa: a sociologist’s perspective (...)

The young female duo redefining laboratory science in Namibia

Loide Uushona and Pendapala Shiyuka are co-founders of Namibia’s youngest owned Medical laboratory. The young women are pushing to create innovative solutions in a field that has long been (...)

Rwanda considers waiving visa fees for African and Commonwealth visitors

Rwanda is considering scrapping visa fees for citizens of African Union member states, Commonwealth, and La Francophonie member countries. President Paul Kagame made the announcement, which has (...)

UK-Africa trade and investment : who benefits ?

Trade and investment can help reduce poverty, promote women’s empowerment, and support children’s rights. It can also do the opposite. The post UK-Africa trade and investment: who benefits? (...)

Developing a work attitude for Africa : the “why” and the “how” in context of Climate (...)

Africa faces a myriad of social, political and economic challenges, which need urgent and concerted efforts to address. While the urgency for remedial steps is unquestionable, most important is (...)

Investigative journalist, Fisayo Soyombo exposes state of Nigeria’s oldest psychiatric (...)

A Nigerian investigative journalist Fisayo Soyombo has exposed the corruption and decrepit state of the country's oldest psychiatric hospital, Yaba Nero-Psychiatric Hospital. The post (...)

Why young Nigerians risk illegal migration to find their ‘Eldorado’

Harsh economic conditions at home and false picture of rosy life in Europe contribute greatly to illegal migration by Nigerian youths. The post Why young Nigerians risk illegal migration to find (...)

Sierra Leone’s steps to end Female Genital Mutilation

United Nations Women reported that traditional cutters in Sierra Leone have pledged to abandon and advocate against FGM which is still not illegal in the country. This added support will (...)


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