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Dance softly and carry a big voice : understanding Joseph Shabalala

Joseph Shabalala would grow world famous for his music. But it is shaped by the spiritual aspects of his life as much as it is by the hardships of black life - and by his dreams. The post Dance (...)

Moi and the media : how Kenyan journalism suffered under his iron heel

Kenya’s political leaders have always had a vested political interest in the control of the country’s media. But no president has had a more terrifying presence in Kenyan newsrooms than Daniel arap (...)

Desmond Tutu’s long history of fighting for lesbian and gay rights

Desmond Tutu is by far the most high-profile African, if not global, religious leader to support lesbian and gay rights, and he has done so since the 1970s. The post Desmond Tutu’s long history of (...)

Politicians continue to bicker while Zimbabweans are starving

Drought doesn’t necessarily translate to food insecurity – poor governance and failing infrastructure do. The post Politicians continue to bicker while Zimbabweans are starving appeared first on (...)

Giving back to English : how Nigerian words made it into the Oxford English (...)

Nigerians can take pride in the recent addition of 29 words of Nigerian origin to the Oxford English Dictionary. The post Giving back to English: how Nigerian words made it into the Oxford (...)

Of strong winds, heavy hearts and Joseph Shabalala telling the South African (...)

The passing of music giant Joseph Shabalala rests heavy on South African hearts - he told the story of black migrants within the apartheid system in a way no-one else did - and achieved global (...)

10 irresistible African gems to celebrate Valentine’s Day

In Africa, as is the case across the globe, it’s the season of love once again. Many couples are undoubtedly excited to leave work early, and go wine and dine with their loved ones. Whether (...)

Why Kenya’s Mau Mau gave up their fight

The resilient Mau Mau freedom fighters failed to maintain revolutionary action after independence. The post Why Kenya’s Mau Mau gave up their fight appeared first on This is (...)

Will bold landmark election ruling improve Malawian democracy ?

Will the same electoral commission, so heavily criticised in the court’s ruling, improve its capacity and arrange more credible elections? The post Will bold landmark election ruling improve (...)

Dr Esther Mahlangu unveils the ‘Mahlangu’ Rolls-Royce Phantom at The Melrose (...)

Rolls-Royce meets Ndebele brilliance: South Africa’s renowned creative artist, Dr Esther Mahlangu will unveil the 'Mahlangu' Rolls-Royce Phantom at The Melrose Gallery in Cape Town. She (...)


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