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Iraqi protesters defy top cleric and return to the streets

Iraqi officials say at least 22 people have been wounded in fresh clashes in a key Baghdad square, as hundreds of anti-government protesters flooded onto the streets of Iraq’s capital and south (...)

Germany urged to fight anti-Semitism to avoid Jewish exodus

Germany’s foreign minister is calling for strengthened efforts against anti-Semitism to ward off the possibility of many Jews deciding to leave the country

China bans wild animal trade until coronavirus epidemic eliminated

Scientists have linked the coronavirus and SARS epidemics to markets where wild animals were sold to be eaten.

The Kremlin has its hands in the Internet around the world. It’s also trying to control (...)

Activists fear a new “sovereign Internet” law could sharply boost Russian censorship efforts.

Japan : Flight readied for Japanese to come home from Wuhan

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says he is making arrangements to fly Japanese people home from the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicenter of an outbreak of a new viral (...)

Fighting rages as Libya force pushes toward key western city

Officials from Libya’s two rival governments say fighting has erupted as the country’s east-based forces advance toward the strategic western city of Misrata

Strengthening coronavirus surges across China as authorities mobilize response ; third case (...)

Conditions in the countryside, with its poor medical infrastructure, are especially dire.

Kim’s aunt reemerges after years of speculation about fate

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s aunt has made her first public appearance in about six years, quelling rumors that she was purged by her nephew

Turkey hunts for earthquake survivors as death toll hits 31

Turkish rescue teams are continuing efforts to pull earthquake survivors from collapsed buildings, more than a day and a half after a powerful magnitude 6.8 quake hit the country’s (...)

India celebrates Republic Day with military parade

Thousands of Indians have converged on a ceremonial boulevard in the capital amid tight security to celebrate the Republic Day, which marks the 1950 anniversary of the country’s democratic (...)

China virus outbreak revives calls to stop wildlife trade

The outbreak of a new virus linked to a wildlife market in central China is prompting renewed calls for enforcement of laws against the trade in and consumption of exotic (...)

Maps show where coronavirus started and why officials are so worried

Since late December, more than 800 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed.


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