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Articles référencés

Brain drain could be holding opportunities for Africa

Abuja – When scientists and researchers from Africa and other developing regions gather, one can predict brain drain issue being on (...)

The Dark Chapter of Zimbabwe’s History That Won’t Go Away

Bulawayo – With Zimbabwe’s new President Emmerson Mnangagwa just concluding a 100-day timeline to address what he considered the (...)

Burkina Faso and the realization that it is possible to (...)

Activists most often focus on the grievances and challenges immediately in front of them. But in Burkina Faso many do so with one eye (...)

Morgan Tsvangirai – an honest man on the cross

Yash Tandon argues that the late Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, would be remembered as an enigmatic (...)

Martin Ruiz de Gordejuela (European Commission’s spokesperson) : (...)

Brussels – In an interview with Afronline, media partner of #DivertedAid, the investigative project report on of the EU Emergency Trust (...)

Civipol, the French multinational that sells security in (...)

The terrorism fever and the migrant crisis have contributed to change the international cooperation of the European Union. No longer (...)

Among migrants returning from Lybia : “Our nightmare is going back (...)

Niamey, Bamako – As of several months ago, in Niger as in Mali, two of the principal stops of the itinerary of the migrants of the (...)

European funds in exchange for greater border controls

Niamey (Niger) – European funds in exchange for greater border controls. Easier repatriations. Quicker expulsions. In a word: border (...)