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Afronline encourages the development of cultural relations between Africa and Europe, particularly Italy.

We gather and disseminate quality information from a wide network of African independent and nonprofit media (newspapers, radio, TV, web and social media) through our web portal."

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Africa : The Funding Gap for Refugees in Africa Must Be Closed

29/03 | While many destination countries are restricting their protection of refugees, the global refugee population continues to grow. The (...)

Brain drain could be holding opportunities for Africa

29/03 | Abuja – When scientists and researchers from Africa and other developing regions gather, one can predict brain drain issue being on (...)

Wakanda’s feminist scorecard

29/03 | Black Panther is a pretty standard superhero origin story centered around T’Challa, the new King and protagonist, who faces the the (...)

The Dark Chapter of Zimbabwe’s History That Won’t Go Away

27/03 | Bulawayo – With Zimbabwe’s new President Emmerson Mnangagwa just concluding a 100-day timeline to address what he considered the (...)

Burkina Faso and the realization that it is possible to win

7/03 | Activists most often focus on the grievances and challenges immediately in front of them. But in Burkina Faso many do so with one eye (...)

The health science missing in Rwanda, South Africa

25/02 | The next step for how science can boost healthcare in Africa is ‘implementation science’ — working out how best to apply research findings (...)

A New Dawn for South Africa

25/02 | Doha – In the post-Apartheid era, it is safe to say that Jacob Zuma has become the most reviled public figure in South Africa. Zuma was (...)

Morgan Tsvangirai – an honest man on the cross

24/02 | Yash Tandon argues that the late Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, would be remembered as an enigmatic (...)

Martin Ruiz de Gordejuela (European Commission’s spokesperson) : “Migration should always be (...)

24/05 | Brussels – In an interview with Afronline, media partner of #DivertedAid, the investigative project report on of the EU Emergency Trust (...)

Civipol, the French multinational that sells security in Africa

14/05 | The terrorism fever and the migrant crisis have contributed to change the international cooperation of the European Union. No longer (...)

Among migrants returning from Lybia : “Our nightmare is going back home”

14/05 | Niamey, Bamako – As of several months ago, in Niger as in Mali, two of the principal stops of the itinerary of the migrants of the (...)

Africa : EU uses development funds for migration control

13/05 | Military equipment, centers for repatriated migrants and computerized systems for the collection of digital fingerprints that will (...)


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UN chief isn’t giving up trying to get Gulf nations to talk

  22/10 | U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says he has been trying for some time to get the deeply divided countries and their backers in (...)

Why countries are resorting to pandemic lockdowns again

  22/10 | Lockdowns are crude, but they are the best weapon some nations have.

Trade experts call for swift implementation of African Continental Free Trade (...)

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Alabama lieutenant governor who attacked mask order tests positive for COVID-19

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Veterans Affairs secretary headlines GOP fundraiser as COVID-19 cases surge

  22/10 | Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie headlined a fundraiser for the North Carolina Republican Party last week, taking time away (...)

US on brink of rampant COVID-19 spread, Europe hospitals strained

  22/10 | Nearly two-thirds of U.S. states were in a danger zone of coronavirus spread and six, including election battleground Wisconsin, (...)
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