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Ukania’s Great Privatization Heist

Margaret Thatcher was very good at telling tall tales. Ukania’s tragedy is that far too many Brits fell for these tales.Probably the (...)

“Say It Ain’t So, Joe :” the Latest Neoliberal from the War and Wall (...)

Like an annoying rash that could become dangerous, the Wall Street and war wing of the Democratic Party is back for yet another reprise (...)

Jailed Birds of a Feather May Sing Together

From childhood we learn that you can know somebody by his or her company. Our present president, Donald Trump, values loyalty. He (...)

Failing Students on Climate Change

Last Friday hundreds of thousands of students around the globe walked out of classrooms to demand that our political leaders take (...)

The Sweet Smell of Madeleine

I usually don’t go to concerts but this time the piano player was the wife of a friend, so I decided to attend her concert at the (...)

Global Kids Strike

Children’s crusades do not necessarily end well. During the years of armed missions to the Holy Land, when Jerusalem meant something to (...)

Where Have All the Flowers Gone ? : Requiem for a Fictional (...)

Do you remember the Democrats, dearest motherfuckers? Not the neoliberal, gutter capitalist, Clintonista kind or even Bernie’s brand of (...)

Botswana joins list of African countries reviewing gay (...)

Botswana's High Court could finally decriminilise same-sex relations. The post Botswana joins list of African countries reviewing (...)

Meet Dana Mroueh, the Ivorian eco-friendly chocolatier

Ivorian chocolate maker Dana Mroueh is making organic, eco-friendly chocolate in an industry that poses a threat to the environment (...)

Empedocles and You and Me

Perhaps you’re not ecstatic About any pre-Socratic. I, though, obtain comfort from The theories of Empedocles, Even if they aren’t true (...)

North Carolina proposes laws allowing teachers to carry guns in (...)

State politicians see arming teachers as a way to better secure the school even as polls show it remains largely unpopular North (...)

The campaign for a 'drug-free world' is costing lives | (...)

Global policy on drug control is unrealistic, and has taken a harsh toll on millions of the world’s poorest people Drug control efforts (...)