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A Letter From Iowa

I rode back out to Iowa to observe and even participate on behalf of Bernie Sanders’ progressive-populist candidacy in this state’s pivotal first-in-the-nation presidential Caucus. It’s a pivotal (...)

Aftermath : The Iran War After the Soleimani Assassination

The thing that is so sad and so infuriating and so centrally symptomatic of everything wrong with American political culture, is that, with painfully few exceptions, Americans have no idea of (...)

The Camp by the Lake

The Japanese-Americans, both citizens and immigrants, living in Hood River, Oregon were given seven days’ notice that they were going to be “evacuated” from their homes. They were told to pack their (...)

The Long History of Elite Rule : What Will It Take To End It ?

Elites have ruled over people and commanded the surplus produced by their labor for many millennia. It is this long history we have to contend with in today’s crisis of capitalism that has (...)

A Climate Time Bomb With Trump’s Name Inscribed

Thwaites, in West Antarctica, is the world’s most dangerous glacier. As of January 15th, scientists have labeled it: “A Climate Time Bomb.” Thwaites is crumbling apart on the underneath side where (...)

Trump : The King

As of this writing (Thursday afternoon), the outcome of the Trump Removal trial currently underway is not entirely fixed in concrete, but the Party of Execrables, formerly known as the GOP, is (...)

Globalizing the War on Indigenous People : Bolsonaro and Modi

A man who has repeatedly romanticized dictatorship and advocated the use of torture seems like an odd choice for guest of honor at the annual celebration of the constitution in the biggest (...)

From Paris, With Tear Gas…

Coming from the south on Avenue d’Italie on foot or bike things were obviously out of the ordinary, impossible as it may be to define ordinary in France at this moment. Long lines of cars pressed (...)

Why the Primaries Matter

The tired cliché that ‘this election is the most important ever’ is given weight this go-around by the seeming inability of American governance to solve problems with potentially catastrophic (...)

Will the Extinction of Delta Smelt Be Governor Gavin Newsom’s Environmental Legacy (...)

The Delta smelt, once the most abundant species on the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, continues its steep slide towards extinction. For the second year in a row, the California Department of (...)

In the Name of “Israel’s Security” : Retreating US Gives Israel Billions More in Military (...)

Billions of US tax-payers’ money will continue to be funneled into Israel in the next fiscal year, and for many years in the foreseeable future. Republican and Democratic Senators have recently (...)

What the Right Wing in Latin America Means by Democracy Is Violence

It was a curious exchange. Frustrated by the attacks on his party—the Movement for Socialism (MAS)—former president of Bolivia Evo Morales made an audio recording in which he called upon his (...)


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