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Election Con 2020 : Exposing Trump’s Deception on the Opioid Epidemic

Trump’s claims of progress in fighting addiction ring hollow considering his efforts to strip tens of millions of Americans of their health insurance via the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (...)

Bloomberg is a Climate Change Con Man

It's an open secret in green circles that Michael Bloomberg is a climate change con man, and organizations like the Sierra Club that take hundreds of millions in donations from the former New (...)

Roaming Charges : Billion Dollar Babies

Michael Bloomberg is, of course, the perfect person to lead a party which has been the driving political force behind the neoliberal policies which helped make him the 9th richest person in (...)

More Real-Time Reflections from Your Friendly South Loop Marxist

Sunday 2/16 Monday, 2/17 Nina Simone 1968: “Ain’t got no class, ain’t got no culture, ain’t got no faith, ain’t got no water, ain’t got no money, ain’t got no country…ain’t got no God.” Stirring the (...)

Extensive Chemical Safety Fraud Uncovered at German Testing Laboratory

The case of an animal rights activist who infiltrated an independent German chemical testing laboratory has triggered the discovery of an apparently extensive chemical testing fraud. LPT Hamburg, (...)

‘The Donald Trump I know’ : Abbas’ UN Speech and the Breakdown of Palestinian (...)

A precious moment has been squandered, as Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, had the chance to right a historical wrong, by reinstating Palestinian national priorities at the United (...)

A Trump Sentence Commutation Attorneys Generals Liked

The year was 2008. Hundreds of ICE officers swooped down on Agriprocessors, the nation’s largest kosher slaughterhouse located in Postville, Iowa, in the largest single-site raid to date in U.S. (...)

Bernie Should Own the Socialist Label

Bernie Sanders is currently the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination. He and everyone else knows exactly how the Republicans will attack him if and when he becomes the nominee: (...)

Encountering Malcolm X

Watching the six-part documentary “Who Killed Malcolm X?” on Netflix stirred up powerful memories of how important he was to my political evolution. While the documentary is focused on exploring (...)

The Debate Question That Really Mattered

The last question asked during the recent Democratic debate was the one that laid reality bare. The question was basically “are you okay with the will of the voters being subverted in order for (...)

UN List of Firms Aiding Israel’s Settlements was Dead on Arrival

Nazareth. After lengthy delays, the United Nations finally published a database last week of businesses that have been profiting from Israel’s illegal settlement activity in the West Bank. The UN (...)

‘Extremists,’ Not Collaborators, Have Kept Wilderness Whole

Recently there have been commentaries published advocating collaboration to “settle” wilderness designation issues. Collaboration proponents often criticize those who are unwilling to compromise (...)


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