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Boris Johnson on a Roll, Downwards

  23/06 | After “BoJo” Johnson hosted the G7 summit in Cornwall, where he was little more than a “tour guide” (in the words of the Labour leader Keir (...)

No Comparison : Thoughtcrime Reflections on the Latest Imperial Smackdown of the Nation’s Best (...)

  23/06 | United States political culture is an Orwellian nightmare. Two plus two equals five in the propaganda spectacle that passes for (...)

Can Critical Race Theory Reframe American History Successfully ?

  23/06 | For the first time in four decades, we have a new national holiday, the Juneteenth National Independence Day. It celebrates the (...)

The Wretched of the Earth at 60

  23/06 | H. Rap Brown didn’t credit Frantz Fanon in his famed 1967 speech on violence, though he might have. He was in a hurry and cities were (...)

Losing Democracy

  23/06 | “Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy . . .” – Plato, The Republic, circa 375 B.C. Leave it to the Republicans, and the (...)

Vaccine Failings : The European Commission and AstraZeneca

  23/06 | In the messy, underhanded world of global health responses to COVID-19 it was only appropriate that lawyers should find themselves (...)

The Police Can’t Be Reformed

  23/06 | “As a profession, we are demonized daily by many who have created a dangerous false narrative that is perpetuated by the media. Many (...)

Power, Wealth, and Justice in the Time of Covid-19

  23/06 | Fifteen months ago, the SARS-CoV-2 virus unleashed Covid-19. Since then, it’s killed more than 3.8 million people worldwide (and (...)

Crackdowns in Washington Square Park, Then and Now

  23/06 | Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village in New York City was one of the two epicenters of the youth movement of the middle to late (...)

Remember to Forget the Alamo

  23/06 | Mexico once had a problem with a local provincial government promoting illegal immigration from the United States into Mexico in order (...)

Job Growth and Temporary Layoffs

  23/06 | An obvious point on the pace of job growth, that I had not paid attention to in recent months, is that it is easier to recall someone (...)

Pull : a Tryptich

  23/06 | The post Pull: a Tryptich appeared first on CounterPunch.org.


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Covid-19 live updates : Jill Biden tours Southern states to encourage vaccination as cases (...)

  23/06 | Biden’s visits to Mississippi and Tennessee come as health experts warn that young people in the South are increasingly being (...)

Man sentenced for rape — two years, two continents and a faked death later

  23/06 | Kim Avis began a 15-year sentence for rape and other crimes in Scotland last week — after an investigation in the American West that (...)

Colombia reaches 100,000 deaths from COVID-19 as cases surge

  23/06 | Colombia has reached 100,000 confirmed deaths from COVID-19 this week, becoming just the tenth country in the world to hit the grim (...)

5.8-magnitude quake shakes Peru coast ; no reports of damage

  23/06 | A 5.8-magnitude earthquake has hit Peru’s central coast, causing some residents of the capital to run out of shaking homes or (...)

Other countries use ranked-choice voting. Has its moment in the U.S. arrived (...)

  23/06 | New Yorkers are voting in a system that finds parallels in other Western democracies. Its advocates believe the rest of the country (...)

Watch Out World, They're College Seniors Now—Somebody's Getting Married in Grown-ish (...)

  23/06 | Grown-ish, starring Yara Shahidi, Trevor Jackson, Luka Sabbat, Halle Bailey, Chloe Bailey, Diggy Simmons, Francia Raisa, Emily Arlook (...)
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