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The Missing and the Dead in El Salvador

  22/06 | In El Salvador, reports of dead bodies abandoned on side of the road or in poorly traveled areas are commonplace. The country remains (...)

The Republican Party has Turned Fascist and is Now the Most Dangerous Threat in the (...)

  22/06 | When Donald Trump was in the White House there was much debate about whether or not he could be called a fascist in the full sense of (...)

Time to Stop Modernizing America’s Nukes and to Start Negotiating Peace

  22/06 | The Biden administration, in its proposed military budget, is calling for a restart of something the US arms industry has not produced (...)

It’s the Iron Collar of the Corporate State Until the People Collar the Congress

  22/06 | Back in the mid-nineteen-fifties, the prolific, progressive political economist, Harvard’s John Kenneth Galbraith, developed his “theory (...)

The Real Danger of Israel’s New Government

  22/06 | The new Israeli government takes office already largely paralyzed. With eight diverse parties, they agree only on two things. One, they (...)

The Conviction and Sentencing of Witness K

  22/06 | After tormenting the man for years, it became clear that the Australian authorities were willing to, for want of a better word, (...)

Liberal Media Propaganda Tells the World : America is First

  22/06 | If you get your foreign policy news today from CNN or MSNBC or NPR or similar outlets, then you’re bombarded hour after hour with the (...)

Building the World Back Better

  22/06 | The Senate recently demonstrated that the only adhesive capable of uniting the two parties is a good, old-fashioned enemy. Although the (...)

Can We Conquer Our Grand Dynastic Family Fortunes ?

  22/06 | All things eventually end, even grand dynastic family fortunes. In the abstract, we all know this to be true. But the facts on the (...)

The Law of Enlightenment

  22/06 | Enlightenment effect: disorder Notes Humans need two things to see: eyes and light. “They kindled a fire to illuminate what was around (...)

Congressperson’s Town Hall Disrupted by Angry Anti-Vaxxers

  22/06 | In early June, Rep. Jared Huffman invited 100 constituents to register online to attend his first in-person town hall since the (...)

In Reply to Tim Cook’s “Speaking Up On Racism.”

  22/06 | To the Black community — we see you. You matter and your lives matter. —Tim Cook Your letter —“Speaking Up On Racism,” June 4 2021 —spoke (...)


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Dignity and Pride : The Relevant and Important Backstory of 'The Dap'

  23/06 | It is a truth universally acknowledged that whenever a Black person does something, it’s usually cool and changes the world. Just look (...)

Live updates : Biden to deliver remarks on gun crime prevention amid rise in (...)

  23/06 | Among other measures, the Biden administration intends to revoke the licenses of gun sellers who neglect to run required background (...)

‘We thought we would return’ : 10 years on, Syrian refugees dream of home – photo (...)

  23/06 | A decade after civil war broke out, women who fled to Lebanon are still struggling to build a life amid the country’s unfolding economic (...)

Arizona Republicans finally backing away from Cyber Ninjas and its dubious election (...)

  23/06 | The Republican-led Arizona election "audit," which recently has inspired a new echo in Montana, now faces opposition from a (...)

Nicaragua under growing pressure to end crackdown on political opponents

  23/06 | In recent weeks, authorities in Nicaragua have stepped up the persecution of President Daniel Ortega’s political rivals in (...)

Trump openly wished for John Bolton to die from COVID-19 : New book

  23/06 | Donald Trump openly fantasized about his former national security adviser John Bolton catching and dying from the coronavirus, (...)
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