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Why influence matters in the spread of misinformation

Becca Lewis is a Ph.D student in communication working at Data & Society. Below she writes about findings from a recent Knight (...)

Let’s Avoid an Artificial Intelligentsia : Inclusion, Artificial (...)

Let’s Avoid an Artificial IntelligentsiaInclusion, Artificial Intelligence, and Human RightsAccessibility ramp. Credit: junaidrao, (...)

Media Manipulation, Strategic Amplification, and Responsible (...)

This is a crib of a talk that Data & Society Founder and President danah boyd gave at the Online News Association conference in (...)

Technology’s Impact on Infrastructure is a Health Concern

From disaster relief to autonomous vehicles, data-centric technologies influence health outcomes in unexpected waysImage via Nasa (...)

5 Star Service : A curated reading list

This reading list by Data & Society Postdoctoral Scholar Julia Ticona, Researcher Alexandra Mateescu, and Researcher Alex Rosenblat (...)

Grappling with the Weirdness of Advertising

A review of advertising imaginariesImage via Aditya Mukherjee The Honest Ads Act, a bipartisan Senate Bill introduced last year, aims (...)

Critical Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence and Human (...)

Image via Justin Lincoln This is the fifth blogpost in a series on Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights. Following Data & (...)

AI in the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Identifying Some Legal Questions We Should Be AskingPhoto credit: Bojan Bjelic Commentators seem confident that artificial intelligence (...)

Future as a Foregone Conclusion

Using Speculative Fiction to Challenge Dominant NarrativesFuture Perfect participants gather to unconference. Photo by Elisabeth (...)

The Advantages and Limitations of Applying the International (...)

The Advantages and Limitations of Applying the International Human Rights Framework to Artificial Intelligence By Jason Pielemeier, (...)