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Body politics : The old and new public health risks of networked (...)

Body PoliticsThe old and new public health risks of networked health misinformationImage via Flickr user SniggitySnags At a castle in (...)

Monitoring and surveillance technologies shift power dynamics in (...)

Monitoring & surveillance technologies shift power dynamics in the workplaceIn a work context, surveillance and data collection (...)

Why influence matters in the spread of misinformation

Becca Lewis is a Ph.D student in communication working at Data & Society. Below she writes about findings from a recent Knight (...)

Let’s Avoid an Artificial Intelligentsia : Inclusion, Artificial (...)

Let’s Avoid an Artificial IntelligentsiaInclusion, Artificial Intelligence, and Human RightsAccessibility ramp. Credit: junaidrao, (...)

Media Manipulation, Strategic Amplification, and Responsible (...)

This is a crib of a talk that Data & Society Founder and President danah boyd gave at the Online News Association conference in (...)

Technology’s Impact on Infrastructure is a Health Concern

From disaster relief to autonomous vehicles, data-centric technologies influence health outcomes in unexpected waysImage via Nasa (...)

5 Star Service : A curated reading list

This reading list by Data & Society Postdoctoral Scholar Julia Ticona, Researcher Alexandra Mateescu, and Researcher Alex Rosenblat (...)

Grappling with the Weirdness of Advertising

A review of advertising imaginariesImage via Aditya Mukherjee The Honest Ads Act, a bipartisan Senate Bill introduced last year, aims (...)

Critical Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence and Human (...)

Image via Justin Lincoln This is the fifth blogpost in a series on Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights. Following Data & (...)

AI in the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Identifying Some Legal Questions We Should Be AskingPhoto credit: Bojan Bjelic Commentators seem confident that artificial intelligence (...)