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Trump's India visit continues as South Carolina Democrat TV debate looms - live (...)

President Donald Trump continues India visit amid clashesDemocrat challengers prepare for South Carolina debateIn this defining moment for America, support the Guardian’s independent journalism. (...)

EU demands UK keep chlorinated chicken ban to get trade deal

Exclusive: clause in negotiating mandate for Michel Barnier will create hurdle to US-UK deal The EU will demand the UK maintains a ban on chlorinated chicken as the price for a trade agreement (...)

Landmark second world war ceremony in Moscow poses dilemma for UK and US

Countries question whether to attend amid questions over division in the west and Russian military action Russian ceremonies in May to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of the second world war (...)

Royal dog breeder shot dead near Stanley Johnson's estate

Debbie Zurick, 56, killed in Somerset while her husband is believed to be in hospital with serious injuries A dog breeder who supplied spaniels to the rich and famous has been shot dead in (...)

Sydney baboon escape : police confirm three animals recaptured at Royal Prince Alfred (...)

NSW health minister says the baboons were being transported to RPA so one could have a vasectomy Three baboons being transported to a major Sydney hospital so one of them could have a vasectomy (...)

Dutton says 'leftwing lunatics' must be dealt with as Asio warns of far-right (...)

The home affairs minister declares Islamic terror is leftwing extremism after being blasted by Labor for applying false equivalence Peter Dutton has declared that “leftwing terrorism” includes (...)

Police and protesters clash on Greek islands over new migrant camps

Teargas used against demonstrators on Lesbos and Chios who want migrants moved to the mainland Clashes have broken out on the Greek islands of Lesbos and Chios, where residents tried to prevent (...)

Academics refused permanent UK visas because of field trips abroad

Ebola volunteering in Guinea and gender research in Bangladesh fall foul of hostile environment laws When Dr Nazia Hussein spent six months researching class and gender identity in Bangladesh for (...)

Conversations from Calais : the posters sharing migrant voices with the world

A poster project aims to re-humanise those affected by the refugee crisis by sharing conversations between migrants and volunteers All photographs courtesy of Conversations from Calais Continue (...)

The contraceptive helping refugee women plan their families

Instead of becoming ‘factories for babies’, women who’ve fled South Sudan to Uganda are trying new options for managing their reproductive health Christine Lamwaka and her husband gathered their six (...)

Harvey Weinstein to face charges in Los Angeles after guilty verdict in New (...)

LA case, announced before Manhattan trial began, focuses on charges for two alleged attacks over two days The verdict in the New York case against Harvey Weinstein is only the beginning of the (...)

Against the grain : why millet is making a comeback in rural India

Nagaland farmers are bringing back the ancient crop – said to have near-miraculous powers – as a less water-intensive alternative to ricePhotographs courtesy of NEN Nagaland Whülü Thurr is a staunch (...)


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