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Morning mail : UK-Australia free movement flagged, Morrison visits US, Israel (...)

Thursday: Britain’s trade secretary says deal with Australia an ‘absolute priority’. Plus: 50 best comedians of the century Good morning, this is Richard Parkin bringing you the main stories and (...)

Clashes erupt after Ecuador fails to decriminalize abortion for rape victims

Pro-choice activists say decision is a death sentence, after illegal abortions resulted in 15.6% of maternal deaths in 2014 Clashes have erupted between pro-choice demonstrators and police (...)

'No guts, no vision !' Trump unhappy after Fed announces modest rate (...)

Central bank approves quarter-point interest rate reductionTrump tweets: ‘Jay Powell and the Federal Reserve fail again!’ Under pressure from Wall Street and the White House, the Federal Reserve (...)

‘Listen to the scientists’ : Greta Thunberg urges Congress to take action

Teen climate activists attend a hearing to address the climate crisis and its traumatic effect on the younger generation Climate campaigner Greta Thunberg has bluntly told members of Congress to (...)

Spider-Man type restraint touted for use by UK police causes alarm

Gadget entangles suspects in fibre and billed by US maker as painless alternative to Taser A Spider-Man-like gadget that brings suspects to a halt by entangling them in cord fired from a (...)

Dust cloud sparked explosion in primitive life on Earth, say scientists

Smashing of monster asteroid half a billion years ago thought to have caused mini ice age An enormous dust cloud that swept through the ancient solar system sent Earth into a mini ice age that (...)

Ilhan Omar condemns Trump for spreading 'lies that put my life at risk'

Democrat denounces president’s lies after he retweeted post that falsely claimed Omar was shown partying on 9/11 anniversary Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has accused Donald Trump of putting her life (...)

Mother of parliaments shut down by father of lies, supreme court told

Scottish lawyer at prorogation hearing says Johnson government has proved itself unworthy of trust Boris Johnson’s government is unworthy of trust because it conspired to ensure that “the mother of (...)

Caesarean babies have different gut bacteria, microbiome study finds

C-section babies pick up more hospital bacteria than those born vaginally, research shows Babies born by caesarean section have different gut bacteria to those delivered vaginally, the most (...)

Israel election : Netanyahu and Gantz both vow to form next government

Prime minister cancels trip to UN general assembly to deal with political crisis Benjamin Netanyahu and the opposition leader, Benny Gantz, have begun what could be a prolonged period of (...)

Afghanistan : dozens dead as country is rocked by triple attacks – video report

At least nine people have been wounded in eastern Afghanistan by a suicide bomber and gunmen in an attack on Wednesday, that came 24 hours after two other attacks in the country left more than 48 (...)

Israel election deadlock : what happens next ?

Five possible scenarios for rivals Benny Gantz and Benjamin Netanyahu Israelis have voted in a second election that has left the country in a political stalemate. In the coming days, the (...)


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