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Tulsi Gabbard’s Deceptive Foreign Policy

Evan Hill The Hawaii congresswoman’s anti-interventionism masks an affinity for authoritarians, nationalists, and Islamophobes. The post (...)

Anti-Trump Frenzy Threatens to End Superpower Diplomacy

Stephen F. Cohen Baseless Russiagate allegations continue to risk war with Russia. The post Anti-Trump Frenzy Threatens to End (...)

Here’s How Democratic Presidential Contenders Should (Not) Talk (...)

David S. Foglesong Candidates gearing up for 2020 may be blazing new trails on domestic issues, but when it comes to engagement with (...)

How the Left Should Respond to Ethnic Cleansing in China

Daniel Bessner, Isaac Stone Fish A million Uighurs are being held in concentration camps in Xinjiang. What can the US do? The post How (...)

The Militarization of the Southern Border Is a Long-Standing (...)

Greg Grandin Trump’s wall is just the latest incarnation of an old fixation. The post The Militarization of the Southern Border Is a (...)

What Trump’s Syrian Withdrawal Really Reveals

Stephen F. Cohen A wise decision is greeted by denunciations, obstructionism, imperial thinking, and more Russia-bashing. The post What (...)

Beyond the Wall : A Q&A With Wendy Brown

Atossa Araxia Abrahamian For the Berkeley political-science professor, border walls signify a population in distress. The post Beyond (...)

Thanks to Rashida Tlaib, Palestinians Finally Have a Voice in (...)

Hanna Alshaikh The first Palestinian woman elected to Congress is unapologetic and proud of the community she represents. The post (...)

US Policy Is Causing the Next Mass Extinction

Tom Engelhardt Washington’s wars have unsettled the planet in much the same way a giant asteroid did 66 million years ago. The post US (...)

Washington Trained Guatemala’s Mass Murderers—and the Border Patrol (...)

Greg Grandin, Elizabeth Oglesby Now two Guatemalan children have died under Border Patrol custody. But the agency’s role in Latin (...)

Remembering Amos Oz, the Humane Heart of Israel

Amy Wilentz How will Israel imagine itself with this uncompromising truth speaker no longer on the scene? The post Remembering Amos Oz, (...)

The ‘Adults’ in the Room Are the Problem

Danny Sjursen Maybe it’s time to think of them as the tools of a military-industrial-congressional complex that continues to serve up (...)