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Trump’s Fake Anti-War Posturing Works for Him

9/09 | Jeet Heer Democrats have ceded opposition to the military-industrial complex to a belligerent fraud. The post Trump’s Fake Anti-War (...)

66 Days Until the Election

5/09 | Edel Rodriguez Time to end this liar in chief. The post 66 Days Until the Election appeared first on The (...)

Trump Hasn’t Ended Endless Wars

1er/09 | Katrina vanden Heuvel We shouldn’t be waging war in Syria without Congress’s approval. The post Trump Hasn’t Ended Endless Wars appeared (...)

Trump Lit

29/08 | Michael Gelen Hair on fire. The post Trump Lit appeared first on The Nation.

Immigrant Children in the US Are Still In Cages

28/08 | Tom Arie Donch Not in the headlines, but this travesty continues. The post Immigrant Children in the US Are Still In Cages appeared (...)

Letters From the September 7/14, 2020, Issue

25/08 | Our Readers Workers are not inputs… Starving the beast… Trump’s disordered personality… Taking back control… The post Letters From the (...)

California Is Burning—and Trump Gathers Kindling

21/08 | Sasha Abramsky No sympathy for those whose homes are threatened or firefighters risking their lives. Instead, he’s lobbed insults and (...)

I Lost My Son in a Hail of Bullets at an Israeli Checkpoint

14/08 | Najah Erekat Israeli soldiers shot to kill after Ahmad's car crashed into a checkpoint. They insist he did it on purpose but have (...)

The Debate That’s Needed on How to Engage With China—Before It’s Too Late

11/08 | Katrina vanden Heuvel The China cold war consensus is a recipe for calamity. The post The Debate That’s Needed on How to Engage With (...)

‘We Need to Move From a Wartime Mentality to a Peacetime Mentality’

31/07 | Tim Shorrock US and Korean groups are pushing for a peace treaty to finally end the Korean War. The post ‘We Need to Move From a Wartime (...)

What Would It Take to Avert Military Escalation With China in the South China Sea (...)

30/07 | Michael T. Klare The US and China’s dance in the South China Sea bears a troubling resemblance to 1914 Sarajevo—and the eve of World War (...)

Covid-19 Can Change International Politics Forever

29/07 | John Feffer Countries’ bungling their responses to the coronavirus as others seal themselves off could lead to a total transformation of (...)


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Think tank urges China to release Canadian employee

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Drug Policy Alliance Statement on Launch of DEA’s Project Safeguard

  21/10 | ______________________________

Rudy Giuliani faces questions after compromising scene in new Borat film

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