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The Artistic Picket Line Surrounding the Super Bowl Halftime (...)

Dave Zirin The spotlight, fairly or unfairly, is on hip-hop artist Travis Scott, for crossing the line and performing on Super Bowl (...)

Black Feminist Punks to the Front

Ann-Derrick Gaillot On their debut album, London’s Big Joanie pay tribute to black sisterhood. The post Black Feminist Punks to the (...)

Life in the Stupidverse : Government Shutdown Edition

Tom Tomorrow Folks, you can’t have Big Government if there is no government at all. The post Life in the Stupidverse: Government (...)

The Militarization of the Southern Border Is a Long-Standing (...)

Greg Grandin Trump’s wall is just the latest incarnation of an old fixation. The post The Militarization of the Southern Border Is a (...)

The Fyre Festival Documentary Is a Lurid Look Into Start-Up-Culture

Stephen Kearse Chronicling the infamous music festival, the documentary looks at how tech bros turned a luxury getaway into a (...)

In the Shadow of the CMS

Kyle Chayka How content-management systems will shape the future of media businesses big and small. The post In the Shadow of the CMS (...)

Bad Bunny Rewires the Global Pop Machine

Eduardo Cepeda The Puerto Rican artist’s new album asserts música urbana’s growing influence on the pop world. The post Bad Bunny Rewires (...)

‘True Detective’ Gets Bleaker and Better

Sam Sodomsky Carried by Mahershala Ali, the haunting new season of the HBO series marks a return to form. The post ‘True Detective’ Gets (...)

A Presidential Negotiating Stance

Calvin Trillin The post A Presidential Negotiating Stance appeared first on The Nation.

Comix Nation

Peter Kuper The post Comix Nation appeared first on The Nation.

Letters From the January 28-February 4, 2019, Issue

Our Readers, Ben Ehrenreich Fuzzy math… Where there’s smoke… The real George Bush… Thanks, but no thanks (web only)… The post Letters From (...)

Puzzle No. 3487

Joshua Kosman and Henri Picciotto The post Puzzle No. 3487 appeared first on The Nation.