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"Media here means more than journalism ; it is also art, music, film, books, graphic design, etcetera. We don’t spend all our time criticizing though. We also celebrate and feature work that we think complicate the old, ahistoric and objectional images.

We want to introduce our readers to work by Africans and non-Africans about the continent and its diaspora that have worked against the old and tired images of Africa.

This site is not about famine, Bono, or Barack Obama."

Articles référencés

The falsification of history

The Indian historian Ramachandra Guha’s Gandhi before India published in 2013 was received with much consternation in South Africa. (...)

Morning yet on another day of indaba

Reading Panashe Chigumadzi’s “Why I’m No Longer Talking To Nigerians About Race,” published on Africa is

Why South Africa needs Democratic Socialism

After 25 years in power, one would expect that the African National Congress—the party that brought

South African homophobia goes to parliament

A bully in my Standard 5 class used to mock me by calling me “sisi bhuti.”

The resilience of culture

I am Atanásio Cosme Nyusi, son of my father, healer without master born on the Makonde plateau where there

New histories for an uncharted future in Sudan

The protests that emerged from the northern Sudanese city of ‘Atbara in December 2018 represented an

Nollywood Tackles #MeToo

In an early sequence in Knock Out Blessing—an immensely entertaining blend of action, comedy, and political (...)

The question of our time

Securing a future and overcoming the eco-cidal logic of capitalism lies in a democratic eco-socialist nation-building (...)

The revolution in Darfur

Writing about the public’s potential to form uncontrollable, non-heirarchal resistance methods, the post-Marxist philosophers Antonio (...)

The Fighters

The South African national and provincial elections taking place on 8 May 2019, are set to

When Achieng met Ellen

Achieng Agutu lit up screens on “The Ellen Show” last week. She was wearing a red

What are the alternatives to neoliberal trade ?

On the April 2, 2019, The Gambia ratified the agreement establishing the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). In (...)