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"Media here means more than journalism ; it is also art, music, film, books, graphic design, etcetera. We don’t spend all our time criticizing though. We also celebrate and feature work that we think complicate the old, ahistoric and objectional images.

We want to introduce our readers to work by Africans and non-Africans about the continent and its diaspora that have worked against the old and tired images of Africa.

This site is not about famine, Bono, or Barack Obama."

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Supernatural politics

African documentary films rarely provide a window into intimate family disputes. The Letter by Maia Lekow

Point of order

The annual State of the Nation (SONA) address by South Africa’s president has become a predictable

Twitter and a new criminal type

In July 2018, the popular Twitter account run by Yusuf Abramjee (ⓐAbramjee), a self-described “anti-crime activist”

In the name of the king

The bulk of commentary prompted by Cameroon’s 2018 presidential elections underscored its significance, as the elections

Decolonization’s borders

Echoing global moves to restrict access to asylum, the South African government has recently limited the

A ditch to climb

In late January 2020, a South African police officer was shot in Diepsloot, a densely populated

Au nom du roi, des roitelets et de la divine providence

La majorité des commentaires relatifs à la dernière élection présidentielle au Cameroun soulignent et saluent l’effervescence

A people cannot bid farewell to their history

This week, Mozambican liberation leader and national hero Marcelino dos Santos (90) will be laid to

Bernard-Henry Lévy in Nigeria : spectacle versus analysis

Bernard-Henry Lévy’s article in Paris March, declaring a “pre-genocidal” situation in Nigeria, reveals a gap between

A Green New Deal for South African workers ?

Speaking recently on a proposal for significant economic reform, Matthews Parks, Congress of South African Trade

Reading List : Benjamin Talton

In my book, In This Land of Plenty: Mickey Leland and Africa in American Politics, US

Reading List : Peter James Hudson

Caree A. Banton’s More Auspicious Shores: Barbadian Migration to Liberia, Blackness, and the Making of an African Republic


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