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"Media here means more than journalism ; it is also art, music, film, books, graphic design, etcetera. We don’t spend all our time criticizing though. We also celebrate and feature work that we think complicate the old, ahistoric and objectional images.

We want to introduce our readers to work by Africans and non-Africans about the continent and its diaspora that have worked against the old and tired images of Africa.

This site is not about famine, Bono, or Barack Obama."

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Lessons from Africa’s past to cope with COVID-19

19/10 | This roundtable is part of the “Reclaiming Africa’s Early Post-Independence History” series, edited by Aishu (...)

The soft, patriarchal underbelly of Kenya&#8217 ;s Parliament

16/10 | A month before Chief Justice David Maraga advised the president to dissolve parliament, legislators were (...)

Johannesburg cannot police its future

16/10 | On June 29 this year, amid the generalized panic and concern about rising COVID-19 infection and

Good influence

16/10 | Naira Marley may not be a revolutionary like, say, Fela Kuti, who engaged in formal party

How to build Palestinian solidarity internationally

15/10 | Ran Greenstein is an associate professor of sociology at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.

The radical politics of women&#8217 ;s bodies

15/10 | Communities in southern Kaduna—in Nigeria’s Middle Belt region—have long clashed with bandits, who have reportedly (...)

The myth of South African nationality

14/10 | Post-apartheid South Africa finds itself at a moment where a worrying number of its citizens currently

Oil, protest and mass solidarity in Mauritius

13/10 | Mauritius has a reputation for stability and the quality of its democratic politics. Massive protest action

Where are the flowers for Gilbert ?

13/10 | Sometimes, you wait and wait for South Africa’s Department of Science, Arts and Culture (DAC)—and nothing

Abolish Kenya&#8217 ;s prison system

9/10 | “Arrest them!” Across the globe, this is the popular demand whenever someone is accused of wrongdoing.

We are all Sudanese

9/10 | How does it feel to engage with a national uprising beyond the territorial borders of the

The hallucinatory bunker of the white right

8/10 | The tragic murder of Brendin Horner, a white farm manager who was killed by stock thieves


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  20/10 | Chris O’Connell, Savannah Maher, The Texas Observer After untold exploitation and erasure, Native artwork is being undermined by fraud. (...)

The politics of influence

  20/10 | The notion of “the anxiety of influence,” theorized in the 1970s by the conservative American literary

On AIAC Talk : The emptiness of anti-corruption politics

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On AIAC Talk : Decolonizing African literature

19/10 | What if you survey African literature professors to find out which works and writers are most

The grand plan to save forests has failed

19/10 | At the 13th Conference of the Parties (COP 13) in 2007, parties to the United Nations

How Did American Cities Become So Unequal ?

19/10 | Kim Phillips-Fein A new history of Ed Logue and his vision of urban renewal documents the broken promises of midcentury liberalism. The (...)
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