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Freetown&#8217 ;s musical soup

  28/11 | In our last season of Africa Is a Country Radio, we explored the idea of international

Snap Judgments

27/11 | Steve Brodner Dialectic in the dishwater. Scenes from our series “The Greater Quiet” for the week of November 23. The post Snap Judgments (...)

5 Stages of Loss

27/11 | Peter Kuper Denying a peaceful transfer. The post 5 Stages of Loss appeared first on The Nation.

Don’t Cancel Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer !

27/11 | Jeet Heer Far from promoting homophobia, the classic holiday special celebrates the fellowship of outsiders. The post Don’t Cancel (...)

Desperation and Hope Amid the Wuhan Outbreak

27/11 | Shen Lu A director of 76 Days, a documentary on the harrowing first days of the Covid-19 crisis, finds compassion amid the suffering. (...)

Desperate Need for a Stimulus Package

26/11 | Igor Kopelnitsky Republicans stall as Americans suffer. The post Desperate Need for a Stimulus Package appeared first on The (...)

The passing of Jerry John Rawlings

26/11 | Early on November 12th, retired Major Henry Smith called me from London to tell me that

Christianity and the alienation of Africans

26/11 | Two recent stories from Africa, both connected to the just ended US presidential elections, have led

QAMATA PULA, an ancestral invocation

25/11 | iPhupho L’ka Biko and Pan African Space Station present QAMATA PULA, an ancestral invocation collapsing past, present and future, over (...)

Congo’s white &#8216 ;refugees&#8217 ;

25/11 | Not all people seeking refuge in Africa have been black. In a forthcoming article for this

A Dangerous New Chapter of the Pandemic

25/11 | Andrea Arroyo, Edel Rodriguez, Tjeerd Royaards Last week, Covid infections in the USA reached a record level, with more than 150K (...)

Bryan Washington on Fiction ‘Outside the Bounds of Trauma’

25/11 | Rosemarie Ho A conversation about writing emphatically about marginalized communities, Houston’s diversity of cuisines and peoples, (...)
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