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Celebrating the Power of Unity

  23/06 | Jenny Vyas Mural painted with local children, Skokie, Ill. The post Celebrating the Power of Unity appeared first on The (...)

Between the Lines of an Unpatriotic Presidential Pre-Recorded Address

  23/06 | FOURTH REPUBLIC 19 conducts a post-mortem on not-so-presidential minutes in recorded Nigerian history. The post Between the Lines of an (...)

Work in Progress

  23/06 | Divad Durant Making a film together, alone, on two continents, in two languages, in a pandemic. The post Work in Progress appeared (...)

otherwise you well ?

  23/06 | by Richard Fox

The Unfinished Evolution of Aziz Ansari

  23/06 | Vikram Murthi With the latest season of Master of None, the comedian and director’s attempt at a reboot of his creative approach reveals (...)

Story maps of no location

  23/06 | In the wake of the so-called Arab Spring, Julie Mehretu began a year-long project, a series

Unmasking Nigerian elites

  22/06 | After months of being teased with clips and titillating pictures of Nollywood’s first neo-noir film on

All Pride, No Prejudice

  22/06 | Andrea Arroyo Pride Month every month. The post All Pride, No Prejudice appeared first on The Nation.

The academic game

  22/06 | On the scale of things that young academics cannot avoid, the circus of peer-reviewed publications, impact

Attack of the Critical Race Theory

  22/06 | Tom Tomorrow The menace has infiltrated our education system, I think? The post Attack of the Critical Race Theory appeared first on (...)

Janet Malcolm’s Provocations

  22/06 | Maggie Doherty Her writing cut through propriety and pretentiousness and revealed us for who we are: desiring creatures, complicated (...)

GOP Stands for Guns Over People

21/06 | Gary Taxali Pushing assault weapons even as mass shootings mount. The post GOP Stands for Guns Over People appeared first on The (...)
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