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Between Familial and World-Historical : The Legacy of Chantal Akerman

Eliza Levinson One of the Belgian filmmaker’s final works, a memoir about the last years of her mother’s life, shines a light on the roots of her art. The post Between Familial and (...)

At the edge of sight

For years, a number of colleagues and I have been exploring our shared interest in visual

Ben Turok’s commitment to liberation, non-racialism and equality

Since the news of his passing broke, tributes have poured in for Professor Ben Turok who

Puzzle No. 3518

Joshua Kosman and Henri Picciotto The post Puzzle No. 3518 appeared first on The Nation.

Do Auxuman’s AI Singers Herald the Shape of Music to Come ?

David Hajdu A new company started by British Iranian interdisciplinary artist Ash Koosha is making the musicians of the future using artificial intelligence technology. The post Do Auxuman’s AI (...)

Detritus of revolution

The South African writer Nthikeng Mohlele garnered wide attention last year for his novel Michael K

Fast Days, Slow Company : The Art of Vija Celmins

Larissa Pham An immersive retrospective of the Los Angeles painter’s work luxuriates in attention to detail. The post Fast Days, Slow Company: The Art of Vija Celmins appeared first on The (...)

Lagos in its filthy glory

Nigeria’s commercial capital, Lagos, is an enigma that defies logic, an attractive villain that seduces its

Pan-Africanism and the African artist

The Botswana artist Meleko Mokgosi opened two exhibitions in early November of this year, at Jack

The West Does Not Have a Copyright on Justice

Nawal Arjini British scholar Priyamvada Gopal discusses the hidden histories of anticolonialism. The post The West Does Not Have a Copyright on Justice appeared first on The (...)

How the Labor Movement Built New York

Nick Juravich A new museum exhibit shows that you cannot understand the city’s history without understanding its workers. The post How the Labor Movement Built New York appeared first on The (...)

Michael Namingha’s Altered Landscapes

Alexandra Marvar The Santa Fe artist’s work opens eyes to the effects of drilling and fracking on some of New Mexico's most iconic landscapes. The post Michael Namingha’s Altered Landscapes (...)
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