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At sea

  5/06 | Over the course of Easter Weekend 2020, 58 migrants died in the Mediterranean Sea. Their calls

Our inaugural class of Africa Is a Country Fellows

  5/06 | When I founded Africa Is a Country in 2009, one of my goals was for the

Voices in the dark

  4/06 | “‘How could anyone tolerate light which brought even more darkness?’ Prof asked.” Set in the tumultuous

Larry Kramer’s Righteous Rage

  4/06 | Alisa Solomon His jeremiads against the state and those complacent during the AIDS crisis galvanized generations of activists. The post (...)

A Lavender League of Their Own

  4/06 | Peter Dreier Just in time for Pride Month, a new documentary brings an episode in baseball history out of the closet. The post A (...)

The politics of sugar in Tanzania

  4/06 | As COVID-19 rages, the struggle for survival has not stopped in Tanzania and sugar is now

Things fall apart

  4/06 | We are in exile from the world, living in a sort of home arrest which is

We cannot reform ourselves out of the times we are in

  3/06 | It is a sad day when Target, a corporation, releases a statement more in touch with

How global finance and philanthropy killed African healthcare

  3/06 | In sub-Saharan Africa, healthcare has been shifted from the realm of politics and democratic accountability (...)

Place matters

  3/06 | As the novel coronavirus sweeps across the globe, it raises fundamental questions about spatial justice in

Masha Gessen on Trump’s ‘Autocratic Attempt’ on America

3/06 | Stephanie deGooyer The author of Surviving Autocracy argues that ideals are needed to defeat Trumpism but they’re missing from the (...)

Moses Sumney’s Songs of Freedom

3/06 | Stephen Kearse His immersive album græ explores the costs of personal and artistic autonomy. The post Moses Sumney’s Songs of Freedom (...)
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