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Groundings with Walter Rodney

Pick up a paper, or turn on the news today and you will likely come across

Long live Ruth First

At a memorial meeting for Ruth First, after she was assassinated on the streets of Maputo

Cake politics

Before the All Blacks-Springbok match in Wellington on Saturday, July 27th, a Checkers supermarket in Cape

The Truth Behind the Assassination of the South African PM

Nikos Konstandaras When my relative stabbed PM Hendrik Verwoerd to death, he was described as a “madman”—but he was really trying to bring down apartheid. The post The Truth Behind the Assassination (...)

Alex Katz’s Downtown Dreams

Barry Schwabsky In a recent show curated by the New York painter and sculptor, as well as a showcase of his new work, his particular artistic psychogeography comes to life. The post Alex Katz’s (...)

Architectual resistance

The directions were standard for Accra. About five lines of intricate orientation followed by: “Then take

Media Companies Are (Still) Failing When It Comes to Diversity

D.D. Guttenplan We all need to do better—and that includes The Nation. The post Media Companies Are (Still) Failing When It Comes to Diversity appeared first on The (...)

There is no Africa in African studies

There is no Africa in African Studies. This has become apparent with the year we spent

Heterosexual and Miserable

Marie Solis Lisa Taddeo’s Three Women, a sprawling sexual biography of a trio of women, is the latest flawed attempt to chronicle the country’s changing mores. The post Heterosexual and Miserable (...)

The Boycott’s Abolitionist Roots

Willy Blackmore How a group of 19th-century Quakers cut their economic ties to slavery. The post The Boycott’s Abolitionist Roots appeared first on The (...)

Don’t Let the Trump Administration Rewrite Emma Lazarus

John Nichols The Statue of Liberty poem “The New Colossus” was written as a radical call to welcome all immigrants—not just the wealthy and connected. The post Don’t Let the Trump Administration (...)

Between Genius and Banal : The World of Kate Zambreno’s ‘Screen Tests’

Audrey Wollen Her new book is invested in issues of fame and public self-presentation—how the brilliant and the mundane collide in the itch of ambition. The post Between Genius and Banal: The (...)
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