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Reproducing Festac ’77 : A secret among a family of millions

29/05 | Kwanele Sosibo speaks with Ntone Edjabe about the creation of, and thinking behind, the FESTAC '77 publication.

A tricky legacy : How Fela lives on in pop stars like Wizkid and Wyclef

25/05 | How do two artists from different ends of the world get inspired by the pioneer of Afrobeats? The post A tricky legacy: How Fela lives (...)

Nigeria was once an indisputable leader in Africa : what happened ?

25/05 | Nigeria's pre-eminent position in Africa, lost to corruption and political patronage over the years, can be regained by putting its (...)

Steal Back the Treasure

21/02 | In pirating the head of Queen Idia to use it as a logo for Festac 77 , proposes another dissonant route that challenges the very idea (...)
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