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The Impossible Death of an African Crime Buster

Spearman… Lance Spearman – the name synonymous with the intrepid hero of […]

Kaspersky on a mission to regulate eSports

Cybersecurity company, Kaspersky has introduced the beta version of its Anti-Cheat solution to combat in-game cheating. The cloud-based offering is said to ensure fair play in the eSports (...)

Robert Mugabe’s real legacy is the hunger of his people

Will Mugabe’s successor Emmerson Mnangagwa do what’s needed to finally free Zimbabweans from deprivation? The post Robert Mugabe’s real legacy is the hunger of his people appeared first on This is (...)

Series : African women writers to read in 2019 (II)

How many books by African women writers have you read this year? We are encouraging our readers to use the hashtag #ReadAfricanWomenWriters to bring into focus books that have been written by (...)

Botsotso 17 : Fiction, Poetry, Art Work, Essays, Reviews

edited by Allan Kolski Horwitz, Siphiwe ka Ngwenya, Ike Mboneni Muila

G5 Sahel Heads of State throw their weight behind African Development Bank&#039 ;s Desert (...)

G5 Sahel heads of state at a Summit on Friday in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, gave strong support to Desert to Power, an Africa Development Bank-led initiative. The summit, "Harnessing solar (...)

Nutanix appoints Dom Poloniecki General Manager of Western Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa (...)

Nutanix, a leader in enterprise cloud computing, has appointed Dom Poloniecki as General Manager for its Western Europe & Sub-Saharan Africa region.

Life-saving surgery but not by a doctor

Seida Guadu performs an emergency Caesarean to try to save the lives of a baby and his mother.

Curious Kids : What is the Earth made of ?

Of all the planets in the solar system, there’s a reason we call Earth home. It’s made of just the right stuff. It’s not too small, or too big, or too hot or too cold. It’s just (...)

Les nouveaux rêves de Djibouti

Un centre de conférences international, des hôtels de luxe, un nouveau quartier d’affaires, un port remanié accompagné d’une marina, le tout cerné d’espaces verts et largement ouvert au tourisme : tel (...)

The problem with microcredit in Africa

Since the 1990s, microcredit (also commonly referred to as microfinance), which is defined as the provision

Afrique Économie - Congo-Brazzaville : la conversion des devises au marché noir est moins (...)

Les grands bateaux n’assurent plus le trafic entre Brazzaville et Kinshasa, les deux capitales les plus rapprochées du monde, séparées juste par le fleuve Congo… Et le trafic a nettement baissé depuis (...)

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Il y a 20 ans, le génocide des Tutsi, au Rwanda
Il y a 20 ans, le génocide des Tutsi, au Rwanda

Il y a 20 ans, le génocide des Tutsi, au Rwanda s’engage, lors de ces vingtièmes commémorations du génocide des Tutsi au Rwanda. Nous avons participé à la création de plusieurs sites internet dédiés à ces commémorations ou destinés à (...)
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