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Afrique économie - « Choose Africa », quand la France veut soutenir le développement des start-up (...)

Au Sénégal, l’initiative « Choose Africa », (« choisir l’Afrique ») se concrétise. Annoncée l’année dernière par le ministre français de l’Économie, Bruno Le Maire, il s’agit d’un fonds de 2,5 milliards (...)

The young female duo redefining laboratory science in Namibia

Loide Uushona and Pendapala Shiyuka are co-founders of Namibia’s youngest owned Medical laboratory. The young women are pushing to create innovative solutions in a field that has long been (...)

South African crypto exchange launches automated withdrawals

South African cryptocurrency exchange, Luno announced on Wednesday, 23 January 2019 that it has introduced faster and automated withdrawals to its South African customers at no additional charge. (...)

Rwanda considers waiving visa fees for African and Commonwealth visitors

Rwanda is considering scrapping visa fees for citizens of African Union member states, Commonwealth, and La Francophonie member countries. President Paul Kagame made the announcement, which has (...)

Western Union, Airtel Money Collaborate on Real-Time Cross-border Money Transfers into (...)

Airtel Africa and Western Union have announced a strategic agreement to offer Western Union’s cross-border capability via the Airtel Money wallet, enabling customers to move money in real-time (...)

African Development Bank to host first Global Environmental Facility AFLDC-2 regional (...)

WHAT: Regional consultation workshop WHEN: 20 - 21 January, 2020 WHERE: Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire

Grieving Kenyan grandmother calls for better road safety

Kenyan Mary Wambui's daughter and grandson died after being hit crossing a major highway.

Human gene editing : who decides the rules ?

The debate about gene editing will help shape the future of the human race. But how should the discussion get started?

&#8216 ;Crazy Rich Nigerians&#8217 ;

That a Nigerian billionaire and his daughter recently traveled to Italy just to buy ice-cream has

Religion and Development in Southern and Central Africa : Vol. 2

edited by James N. Amanze, Maake Masango, Chitando Ezra, Lilian Siwila

Hicham Lahlou devient le designer n°1 d’Afrique

Hicham Lahlou a atteint la consécration suite à sa nomination en tant que conseiller pour l'Afrique de la prestigieuse World Design Organisation. Cet article Hicham Lahlou devient le designer (...)

RIP Sandile Dikeni

Rest in peace Sandile Dikeni – poet, brother, comrade, a voice of truth and dissent and long time contributor to Chimurenga. We pay respect with this archive of his writing published by (...)

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Il y a 20 ans, le génocide des Tutsi, au Rwanda
Il y a 20 ans, le génocide des Tutsi, au Rwanda

Il y a 20 ans, le génocide des Tutsi, au Rwanda s’engage, lors de ces vingtièmes commémorations du génocide des Tutsi au Rwanda. Nous avons participé à la création de plusieurs sites internet dédiés à ces commémorations ou destinés à (...)
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