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These are the 6 Republicans who voted against a bipartisan bill on anti-Asian hate (...)

  15/04 | In a rare bipartisan effort, the vast majority of senators pushed forward an anti-Asian hate crime bill in a 92-6 vote (...)

Make coronavirus vaccines patent-free, former world leaders urge Biden

  15/04 | Over 100 Nobel laureates and 70 former world leaders urged US President Joe Biden to allow new vaccine technologies to be widely (...)

Indicted Matt Gaetz ally made over 150 Venmo payments to young women — including 17-year-old : (...)

  15/04 | On Wednesday, a new Daily Beast report revealed that the indicted former tax official tied to Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) in the federal sex (...)

A voice of reason in an insane world : Why a legendary diplomat resigned from the United (...)

  15/04 | Denis Halliday is an exceptional figure in the world of diplomacy. In 1998, after a 34-year career with the United Nations—including as (...)

Matt Gaetz takes out ad campaign attacking CNN to try to clear his name

  15/04 | On Wednesday, POLITICO reported that Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has taken out a political ad attacking CNN as part of a PR offensive to try (...)

Republicans are making a key tactical mistake as they try to negotiate with (...)

  15/04 | Some Republican senators insist that they want to compromise with President Joe Biden as he tries to enact his agenda. But either they (...)

Naomi Campbell’s Lavish Kenyan Villa Just Called Me Broke AF

  15/04 | Oftentimes, I wonder about the kinda stuff I’d buy if I was insanely rich. Read more...

The Biggest Security Threats to the US Are the Hardest to Define

  15/04 | In a Senate briefing, the heads of the major intelligence agencies warned the public about dangers that offer no easy (...)

PageTurners : How Trauma and Love Converge at a Literary Point

  15/04 | How does trauma affect the way we live our day-to-day lives? Is inherited or intergenerational trauma more significant than a trauma—or (...)

The FBI Takes a Drastic Step to Fight China’s Hacking Spree

  15/04 | The agency's approach to protecting vulnerable victims of the recent Hafnium attack manages to be at once controversial and (...)

Biden selects Erika Moritsugu as Asian American outreach director

  14/04 | The president has been criticized by AAPI groups for the lack of Asian American representation in his Cabinet.

After Nearly 20-Year Assault on Afghanistan, Biden Says 'It Is Time to End America's (...)

  14/04 | Brett Wilkins, staff writerWhite House announcement for complete withdrawal comes nearly two decades after the U.S. president, then a (...)
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